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Project Results
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Presentation Layout
• Tilitonse Approach
• Expectations at concept level.
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M&E Approach
Tilitonse Approach places importance on Results and this
requires projects to do the following:
• Be clear on Results: What is it that the proposed
project intends to achieve: relate to long term and
short results of Tilitonse.
• Propose realistic results and means to achieving the
results: Changes or solutions that are workable and
achievable within the given time, resources and the
expected quality.
• Demonstrate a clear and coherent connection and
interrelationship moving from the lower level results
to higher levels and between the results.
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Expected Results from the concepts
• Long term: Changes in the behavior, policy,
practice and service delivery of the "supply
side" i.e. government.
• Intermediary term: Voice- changes in the
behavior of Citizens, grantees, CSOs and
other intermediary organizations who are
facilitating engagement in governance.
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Tilitonse Short terms Results
• Output One: Change in the capacity of the CBO as an
organization to assist local people claim their rights.
• Output Two: Citizens access information on their
rights: through activities conducted by the CBOsensitization, workshops, media, website etc.
• Output Three: CBO undertaking initiatives to monitor
implementation of programmes (LDF, CDF) and budget
commitments made government (budgets for councils
and districts).
• Output Four: Dialogue between citizens and CBOs, on
one hand, and the government on the other. in
influencing policies, strategies at local and national
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M&E Expectations
• Propose process and tools that will be used to
monitor the results.
• Risk- demonstrate having taken into
consideration internal and external factors
will affect the project.
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Thank you very much!
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