2013 Lighting Deemed Savings

2013 Market Transformation
Programs Kick Off
Today’s Agenda
Intro/Program Overview
9:00 – 9:30
Changes for 2013
9:30 – 10:00
Project Spotlights
10:00 – 10:15
10:15 – 10:30
The Team….
Kelley Carson
Ben Crandall
Entergy Texas Program Manager
CLEAResult Program Manager
Marc Fowler, Senior Program Consultant
Megan Frisa, Program Consultant
Michael Martinez, Senior Program Consultant
Team Roles
Program Administrator
Fund and market programs,
contract with program
partner/sponsor, administer
incentive payments
Program Implementer
Conduct outreach, provide
technical assistance,
benchmarking, energy master
planning as needed, verify
energy savings, inspections
Program Background
Energy efficiency as a resource.
Rules & regulations.
Program portfolio.
Designed to help customers.
SCORE®, CitySmart®, and Commercial Solutions are
focused on Entergy Texas customers, including:
 K-12, higher education.
 City, county, state and local government.
 Private enterprise, small to large businesses.
SCORE Overview
 K-12 and higher education customers.
 Offers cash incentives for EE projects:
 Earn $165/kW and $0.02/kWh for projects that reduce
energy consumption.
 Earn $150/kW and $0.01/kWh for winter peak lighting
 Offers participants non-cash incentives:
 Benchmarking.
 Energy Master Planning.
 Technical Assistance.
CitySmart Overview
 Municipal, county, and select state government
 Offers cash incentives for EE projects:
 Earn $165/kW and $0.02/kWh for projects that reduce
energy consumption.
 Earn $150/kW and $0.01/kWh for exterior lighting projects
(winter peak).
 Offers participants non-cash incentives:
 Benchmarking.
 Energy Master Planning.
 Technical Assistance.
Commercial Solutions Overview
Designed for commercial businesses.
Provides technical expertise and financial support.
Help partners realize long term energy savings.
Offers cash incentives for EE projects:
 Earn $175/kW and $0.02/kWh for projects that reduce
energy consumption.
 Earn $160/kW and $0.01/kWh for exterior lighting projects
(winter peak).
 Minimum project size: 10kW.
Program Services
 Compare facility energy usage by square
footage, type, vintage, etc.
 Provides a starting point (if needed) to set
energy management goals.
Energy Master Planning.
 Convene decision makers to set energy
management criteria and goals.
 Set the path and take control of your own
energy destiny.
Technical Assistance
 Move projects forward by
helping participants identify,
develop, and procure cost
effective EE investments.
 Provide vendor neutral
recommendations and/or design
 Tool kit approach to
At A Glance: 2008-2012
2013 Budget & Goals
Energy Savings
Savings (kW)
Incentives ($)
2,300 kW
5,439,960 kWh
2,200 kW
9,257,000 kWh
2013 Changes from the PUCT
Winter peak (outdoor lighting).
Deemed savings for chillers
Deemed savings for Solar PV
Deemed savings for AHU VFDs.
Peak kW savings for lighting
 New refrigeration and commercial
kitchen measures.
Winter Peak
 Energy efficiency savings
measures that affect peak
 Eligible timeframe:
 M-F 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. and
6 a.m. – 10 a.m.
 Dec 1 – Feb 28.
 Excludes weekends and
Federal Holidays.
Outdoor Lighting (Winter Peak)
 Defined as lighting that is
controlled by dusk/dawn
sensor or timer.
 These lights must remain
ON throughout the night to
qualify as deemed
 Outdoor lighting with
occupancy controls must
be measured and verified
Early Retirement for Chillers
and PTAC Units
 Early Retirement, ROB, NC requirements now
apply to chillers and PTAC units.
 Deemed savings baseline is a sliding scale based
on age of existing HVAC system.
 Demand and energy coefficients have been
 1-5% drop in kW, 5 – 16% increase in kWh.
 New building types for HVAC have been added.
Deemed Saving for AHU VFDs
 Deemed savings VFD installed on AHU motors
from 1 – 100hp.
 In order to qualify for deemed savings, the
building must have an existing variable-airvolume (VAV) system.
 The conditioned air volume must be controlled by
either outlet dampers, inlet dampers, or inlet
guide vanes.
2013 Refrigeration Deemed Savings Measures
 Solid & glass door reach-ins.
 Electronic defrost controls.
 ECM evaporator fan motors.
 Evaporator fan controls.
 Cooler night covers.
 Strip curtains.
 Zero-energy doors.
 Door heater controls.
2013 Food Service Deemed Savings
 Electric convection ovens.
 Electric combination ovens.
 ENERGY STAR dishwashers.
 ENERGY STAR steam cookers.
 ENERGY STAR fryers.
 ENERGY STAR hot food cabinets.
 Vending machine controls.
 Pre-rinse spray valves.
2013 Lighting Deemed Savings
 High Performance T8 Lighting.
 Lamp/ballast combination MUST be on the Consortium for
Energy Efficiency list.
 www.CEE1.org.
 T5 Lighting.
 Does not adhere to CEE qualifications.
 LEDs.
 All LEDs MUST be on either the Energy Star List or the
Design Lights Consortium List.
 www.designlights.org and www.energystar.gov.
Participating in 2013, Deemed Savings
 Update to occupancy sensor/daylight
control measure:
 Peak demand (kW) savings will be
available soon.
 No changes to the existing energy savings
 New measure added for guestroom,
dorm and multi-family occupancy
controls. Master card key control.
Geothermal Heating & Cooling
Russell V. Buras – President / CEO
How it
Ground Source
Heat Pump Unit
U.S. EPA has stated:
“ Geothermal systems are the most energyefficient, environmentally clean and costeffective space conditioning system
available today.”
Save energy and operational costs.
Architectural flexibility.
No towers, boilers, strip heat, dual fuel.
No outside vandalism or theft.
Simple and solid design.
Low maintenance.
No outside noise.
Highest efficiency ratings.
Long loop field life cycle.
Federal tax incentives.
Qualifies for EE programs.
Micro utility options available.
Area Sample Projects & Case Studies
Montgomery, County
Spring ISD / Sheldon ISD / Alvin ISD
Texas Governor’s Mansion – Austin, TX
First Bank of Conroe
Consolidated Telephone Business Office
Case Study: Sam Houston State University
SCORE® Program
More than 60 percent of the newly installed fixtures have one four-foot lamp
that consumes only 25 watts of energy.
 Annual A/C Savings Reduction:
 Lighting Energy Reduction: 71%
 Annual CO2 Savings: 2,340 tons
 Estimated Annual Lighting Savings:
Case Study: Macy’s Department Store
Commercial Solutions Program
MACY’s Lighting Retrofit Statistics
1500 Halogen (50W) Lamps retrofitted with (10W) LED
Electricity Cost:
$0.10 / kWh
Project Cost:
$42,000 total
Project Energy Savings:
62 kW & 306,000 kWh
Cost Savings:
$47,000 / year
Utility Incentive:
Simple Payback:
7 months
Participating in 2013,
Program Milestone Dates
Sept. 30:
Final PAF Due
June 30:
Initial PAF Due
Jan. 7:
Begin Accepting
Nov. 30:
All Projects
2013 Project Application Process
Program docs and project application
form are signed/returned
Receive incentive check
Thank you!
Kelley Carson, Program Manager
(281) 362-4033
[email protected]
Michael Martinez, CLEAResult
(469) 363-0267
[email protected]
Megan Frisa, CLEAResult
(281) 381-6302
[email protected]
Marc Fowler, CLEAResult
(713) 385-5814
[email protected]
Ben Crandall, CLEAResult
(512) 416-5903
[email protected]

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