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Central Michigan Care’s goals
and commitments include:
Central Michigan Care
• Striving to enrich the daily life of
individuals and their families
Serving the Isabella and
Midland County Communities
Central Michigan Care
[email protected]
• Simplify daily life for consumers and
their families
• Broaden the opportunities for
individuals to participate in
community activities
• Provide consistent and accurate
information to families, guardians,
and /or individuals regarding
staffing, daily schedules, and
upcoming community activities
• Provide reliable, responsible, and
attentive staffing
• Flexible and responsive scheduling
Scrapbooking activity
Central Michigan Care
pledges to:
• Closely Communicate with
families and guardians of
individuals on a consistent basis
concerning activities available,
staffing, daily issues, etc…
• Provide families and/or
guardians accurate daily activity
and staffing schedule. Provide
flexibility and react to special
circumstances when scheduling.
• Provide list of community
activities applicable, and
constantly explore new activities
available to individual.
• Consistently work with
individuals, families, and/or
guardians to insure that staffing is
compatible and effective with
consumer and their needs

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