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Delivering the right data to the right
person at the right time
Improving services
to patients with longterm conditions
Professor Michael Thick
Chief Medical Officer and Chief Clinical
Information Officer
McKesson UK
Delivering the right data to the right person at the right time
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Information technology - a key enabler for:
- the design, delivery and incremental development of
innovative care services that are shaped around – and
responsive to – the needs of patients and service users.
- the improvement of the quality and safety of care through the
secure and efficient exchange of vital clinical information.
The central goal when introducing new technology must be
to deliver the right data, to the right person, at the right
time, wherever they are on the care pathway.
The not-so ‘secret sauce’:
To effectively support improvements in the delivery of care,
technology solutions must be clinically-led and patient-centric.
i.e. the potential benefits of IT will only be realised if solutions
- relevant, practical and useful in the real-world clinical setting
- responsive to, and respectful of, patients’ needs
- able to securely, effectively and efficiently share data across a
fully-integrated care pathway.
So in reality what does this mean?
Technology’s potential to support the
transformation of health and social care is
dependent upon:
- meaningful clinical engagement and clinical
- a demonstrable commitment to
- a willingness to embrace disruptive
A case study: Coordinate My Care (CMC)
CMC integrates end-of-life care pathways across London
between health and social services.
The CMC service, developed by the Royal Marsden NHS FT, is
clinician-led with clinical governance embedded into its
The service is enabled by a reliable information technology
solution that facilitates the efficient sharing of patient data.
A case study: Coordinate My Care (CMC)
The electronic care record displays diagnosis, prognosis,
advanced care plan, resuscitation status and patients’ wishes
for end-of-life care.
Began with DH-sponsored pilots in two London boroughs, then
extended further and now is being rolled out Pan-London.
Allows care professionals access to only that information which
is relevant to them and their geographical areas of work.
The IT solution is a central, password protected, web-based
record - accessed through a secure N3 network.
What did McKesson do?
We used technology from our acute, community & social care
solutions to build a simple, effective tool to link:
- patient data – who they are, where they are, what they want...
- primary care and out-of-hours services
- social and community services
- the London Ambulance service
- the 111 service
- platforms for mobile working
We understood this was a clinical service: technology was only
an enabler and should support, not shape its development.
Out-of-hours GPs
CMC Care
London Ambulance
Care homes
Nursing Team
What are the key lessons?
CMC demonstrates the value of partnering clinical endeavour
with information technology = innovative service change.
Where patients have choices in how their care is delivered,
quality of care is improved with cost savings to the NHS:
- 80% patients achieve their preferred place of death (PPD)
- 70% patients died outside of hospital
Highlights ability to safely and securely share care records
across a wide range of health and social care professionals,
who have a legitimate relationship with the patient, 24/7/365.
What are the key lessons?
The innovative use of electronic care records works only if
solutions are clinically-led and patient centric.
Success is as much about cultural change and service
transformation as the technology underpinning the service
e.g. Approx. 8,000 clinicians have now been trained to use the CMC
It’s exciting because it should be possible to take proven
solutions and replicate them to serve other areas:
– Long Term Conditions
– Mental Health
– Cancer
The Future of Health
“...The future is already here, it’s just not evenly
distributed...’ (William Gibson)
Professor Michael Thick
Chief Medical Officer / Chief Clinical Information Officer
McKesson UK
[email protected]
For more information:
Tel: +44 (0) 870 6000 426
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