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information sessions
Cleaner Environment Plan
Four pillars:
1. Clean Air
includes 20 Million Trees – also Clean Land
2. Clean Land
includes Green Army and National Landcare
3. Clean Water
includes Reef 2050 and Reef Trust
4. National Heritage
Commitment to a vibrant, innovative and competitive
agricultural sector
• Informed by the White Paper on the Competitiveness of
the Agricultural Sector
• Supported by National Strategic documents such as
-Australian Weed Strategy
- Vertebrate Pests Strategy
- RD&E Soil Strategy
- RD&E Strategy for Water Use in Agriculture
- National Fishing and Aquaculture Research, Development
and Extension (RD&E) Strategy
Investing $2 billion over four years in managing
our natural resources
National Landcare Programme
Australian Government’s key natural resource
management programme
o $1 billion over four years
• The National Landcare Programme will contribute to:
o The Clean Land and Clean Air pillars of the
Government’s Cleaner Environment Plan and;
o The Government’s commitment to support a vibrant,
innovative and competitive agriculture sector
National Landcare Advisory Committee
• Will be comprised of expert members from the NRM
• Will provide advice to the Natural Heritage Ministerial
Board on:
o Investment priorities
o Implementation and effectiveness
o Community consultation & engagement
o Achievement of outcomes
National Landcare Programme
So what’s changed?
Photos courtesy of East Gippsland CMA
National Landcare Programme
Strategic Objectives
National Stream
Biosecurity Incursion Management
Cost-shared agreements with state/territory
•All levels of government and affected industries work cooperatively
to implement national eradication programs
•Undertaken when the elimination of a pest or disease is justified and
feasible and a national cost-sharing agreement is in place
oExamples include: Red Imported Fire Ant, Banana Freckle, Avian
National Stream
20 Million Trees Programme
Competitive Grants
• $8 million over four years for
competitive grants
between $20,000 & $100,000
• Guidelines will be released in
coming months.
National Service Provider(s)
Tender process to engage one or
more national service providers.
Service provider/s will be
contracted to deliver larger-scale
revegetation projects.
National Stream
Local Programmes
• Coastal River Recovery initiatives
- Torrens; Swan Canning; Tamar; Tuggerah Lakes;
Keep Australia Beautiful and Clean Up Australia
Cumberland Conservation Corridor
Dandenong Ranges Programme
Kimberley Cane Toad Clean Up
Whale and Dolphin Protection Plan
National Stream
Support for national and state Landcare network
$1 million in 2014-15 for state, territory and national
Landcare networks to:
•Build network capacity
•Share knowledge and
deliver projects
•Involve groups in Green Army
& 20 Million Trees
•Strengthen links between
NRM organisations and
Landcare networks
National Stream
25th Anniversary Landcare Grants
• Grants of between $5,000 & $20,000 for local community
groups, including landcare, farmers, and other land managers
• For projects that:
o actively engage communities in NRM activities
o build community awareness and skills in NRM
o protect, restore and conserve environment
• Call for applications around mid September
Regional Stream
Design principles
Focus on locally driven NRM activities
Community engagement & participation
Public good outcomes
Simpler, robust monitoring and reporting
Appropriate risk management
Photos courtesy of Wimmera CMA
Regional Stream
Delivery through regional NRM organisations
• $454 million over four
• Minimum of 20% to be
invested in local NRM
community projects and
o $90 million over 4 years
• Apply under new guidelines
or renegotiate existing
Regional Stream
• Community engagement / participation
Landcare groups
Farmer groups
Community groups
Land managers
Small & medium
• NRM planning to guide investments
• with community input
• sound scientific basis
National Landcare Programme
natural resource management community
Community including landholders,
Indigenous groups, local Landcare
groups, farmer organisations and
Landcare networks
Regional NRM organisations
Local, state and territory
• Community
– landholders and land
managers, community
groups, including Landcare
and Indigenous groups,
farmers etc.
• Work with regional NRM
organisations and
Landcare networks to set
• Plan and deliver small
• Build organisational
capacity across networks
• Work with regional NRM
organisations to set
• Coordinate and engage
volunteer groups in NRM
Landcare networks
• Key delivery agents
• Greater autonomy
• Regional planning – using
science and community to
set priorities
• Strong governance
• Partner with community
and industry
• Accountable
NRM organisations
• Address statutory NRM
• Partner with regions
• Coordinate with
Australian Government
on integrated delivery
• Maximise coinvestment
Local, state and territory
Australian Government Role
Provide leadership on nationwide NRM issues
Address strategic or emerging issues
Support Landcare networks
Facilitate regional natural resource management
organisation excellence
• Reduce red tape
• Ensure accountability and transparency
Photos courtesy of East Gippsland CMA
Before (1989)
After (2009))
Programme integration
Green Army Programme
• Green Army teams delivering outcomes across
environmental themes
• Complementary to the National Landcare
• Delivered by five Service Providers
− Landcare Australia with Manpower
Services; CVA; Job Futures; Workskil
Australia; and Campbell Page with Skillset
• Regional NRM organisations acting as brokers
− linking community groups with service
Have your Say...
National Landcare Programme Consultation Survey
Available now at
**Closes 29 August 2014**

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