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May 14 – 16, 2015
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Reclassification in 2014-15
Criterion #4: A comparison of student performance on an
objective assessment of basic skills in English Language Arts.
 The assessment results must have an empirically
established range of performance in basic skills
based on the performance of English proficient
students of the same age.
In the absence of a state-administered tests of
student performance on basic skills in 2014 (e.g.,
CST, CMA), LEAs will need to select an instrument
locally to measure the fourth criterion.
Reclassification in 2014-15
Considerations for Local Discussion:
a. Implement a standardized reclassification process throughout the
LEA. It may vary by grade or grade level.
b. Identify an instrument/s that measures basic skills for all students and
produces results that show whether a student is performing at or close
to grade level.
Examples: These could be curriculum-embedded assessments or district
academic benchmark assessments (summative measurements of basic
skills). Writing samples could be scored using standardized, grade-level
rubrics and are generated by standardized prompts.
c. Any instrument employed for basic skills assessments should be
designed for use with all students.
Reclassification in 2014-15
Considerations for Local Discussion:
d. The instrument should identify cut scores or a range of scores
to determine skill levels. These levels should lend themselves to
interpretation by grade in a manner similar to the CSTs (Far
below basic, Below basic, Basic, Proficient, Advanced).
e. The instrument should yield valid and reliable results that
indicate when the student is sufficiently prepared to participate
effectively on grade level without EL-specific supports. Note:
While local instruments are not likely to have had extensive
piloting and validation studies, the district should assemble some
information to bolster the claim that results are valid and reliable.
Reclassification in 2014-15
Considerations for Local Discussion:
f. Review the 2014-15 reclassification rate to
determine if the locally selected criteria appear to
be similar in rigor as the measures used in previous
g. Ensure that RFEPs are monitored for two years
beyond reclassification.
Reclassification in 2014-15
Considerations for Local Discussion:
Review the Sample
District Reclassification
Chart with a partner or
small group.
What ideas to you have
that might be used in
your district?
Record and share ideas.

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