Some success stories

Success Story – Education Sector
- Object naming policy evolution for 5 CMAs
- More than 13500 objects and 4500 rules
need to be reviewed and analyzed
Professional Services engagement: 10-days project
- Identify all the objects belonging to a network list
provided by Customer
- Clone all these objects using a new specific naming
- Replace everywhere the old objects by the new cloned
objects (rules, groups, etc.)
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Success Story – Health Sector
- 2 McAfee Sidewinder stand-alone firewalls
- Merge the 2 security policies in 1 Smart
Management, managing 2 clusters
Professional Services engagement: 10-days project
- Install and configure the full R75.40 Gaia architecture
- Convert and import 3000 objects and 600 rules
- Clean and merge the objects base, removing duplicates
- Optimize the rule bases with SmartOptimize services:
• From 305 rules to 38 rules for the 1st firewall
• From 297 rules to 50 rules for the 2nd firewall
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Success Story – Banking Sector
- 1 CMA has been deleted by mistake
- Last mds_backup was 8 months old, using
it would revert all the CMAs of the MDS
Professional Services engagement: 5-days project
- “Policy restore from gateway” package
- Rebuild entirely the deleted CMA
- Recover 8500 objects
- Recover 2 policy packages:
• 900 rules
• 400 rules
400 rules
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