California MGMA Updates - American Association of Healthcare

California Medical Group
Management Association
Ron Anderson
President, CAMGMA
California MGMA – Our Purpose
• Advance the profession of medical group practice
• Sponsor educational programs that supplement the
informational needs of the membership
• Provide a forum for participation in the state
legislative process
• Cooperate with other allied health organizations to
improve health delivery to the general public
California Medical Association (CMA)
• Common interests, concerns
CMA members employ many of CAMGMA members
• Joint Annual Conference
• Western Healthcare Leadership Academy
• 2015 WHCLA will be in Hollywood May 28-31
California MGMA – Who We Are
• State Affiliate of national MGMA
• 535 members
• Medical Practice Executives
• Medical Office Managers
• Associate Members
• Consultants
• Vendors who provide business services and products to
medical practices
California MGMA – Where We Are
10 Regions – each region has their own board of directors
• Far Northern
• Central Coast
• Sacramento
• Los Angeles
• Central Valley
• Inland Empire
• Northern California (bay area)
• Orange County
• Mid State
• San Diego
• Executive Board of Directors
• Administrative Staff
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