Journal Entry Guidelines

Journal Entry Guidelines
Common Definitions
Journal Entry Guidelines
Journal Entry Preparation
Common Definitions
• Journal Entry – The recording of financial data
pertaining to business transactions.
• Inter-Departmental Invoices (IDI) – Payment
for goods or services performed for one
campus department by another campus
• Journal Entry Documentation – Information
supporting the reason for the journal entry.
Common Definitions
• Correcting Entries - Journal entries made to
move non-payroll transactions recorded in a
fund and/or account to a different fund
and/or account.
• Allocations – are made by campus units to
distribute revenues received by a control or
central fund to related or supportive fund.
Journal Entry Guidelines
• Journal entries should be used to correct data
previously posted to Banner.
• Journal entries should not be done to circumvent
university spending guidelines.
• Expenses must be incurred before they can be
reclassified to another fund or account.
• Avoid using miscellaneous revenue and expense
account codes if at all possible.
• If a partial correction is made include partial in
the description.
Journal Entry Guidelines
• When the entry requires the transfer of cash use transfer
account codes, do not charge revenue and expense in the
individual funds.
• Inter-departmental invoices should be sent to Accounts
• Journal entries must be signed by the preparer and the
person who has budget authority.
• Never use accounts ending with 000.
• Send any entries involving grant funds to RCM Office first.
• Ant funds starting 139XXX or 6XXXXX should go to Treasury
Journal Entry Guidelines
• Do not use a negative number in the debit or
credit field.
• Debits and credits must equal.
• Journal entries cannot be used to correct prior
year activity as it relates to the General Fund.
• If the prior year correction involves nonGeneral Funds a correction can be made. It
would be best to use transfer account codes.
Journal Entry Guidelines
• Budget revisions cannot be made using the
journal entry form, they must be made using
the BD606 or BD607 forms. These forms are
available at:
• At this site scroll to the Budget Office forms.
Journal Entry Preparation
• From the same link (see following), you can
access the journal entry form.
• From the above site scroll down to Journal
Voucher Form, under General Accounting.
• If using a form saved in Excel make certain It is
the most up to date version.
Journal Entry Preparation
• From the following site you may view the journal
entry guidelines.
• On the right hand side of the page is a section
titled ‘General Accounting Resources’
• Click on the Journal Entry Guidelines.
Journal Entry Preparation
Journal Entry Preparation
Journal Entry Preparation
Journal Entry Preparation
Journal Entry Preparation
Journal Entry Preparation
Journal Entry Preparation
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