Mali Ants - The Banking Association South Africa

At pre-briefing Session at the Crowhurst, Kloof, KZN
Socio-Economic Growth and Development Division
The Banking Association South Africa
Prior to Aflatoun Training Programme
24 - 27 March 2013
TCTS SA™ 2013
TCTS SA™ 2008 - 2012
Why Financial Literacy?
 Financial Literacy is important in that every individual has to make a financial
decision no matter what career you choose
 Financial Literacy gives you the ability to use credit responsibly, the confidence
to manage money and financial risks and to understand the long term benefits
of savings
 There is increasingly a large choice of financial products available and one needs
financial literacy to be able to choose the right one
 In an increasingly sophisticated
informed choices
financial market individuals need to make
 Financial literacy provides a platform for financial inclusion
 Inappropriate financial decisions can have long-term negative effects
 Financial literate individual manage their money better
 Knowledge is power, financial knowledge is financial power
 Financial knowledge is vital for financial success
Why Aflatoun?
■ Engagement with Aflatoun is a continuation of our philosophy at TCTS SA™ –
given the challenges of SA, the size and nature of the banking industry and our
resource pool; we took the decision to partner to ensure growth and
sustainability of the programme – ‘Strength in unity’.
■ We believe partnerships will not only provide us with greater depth of the
programme but will also enable greater impact and scale
■ We were introduced to Aflatoun back in 2009 – we liked the concept because
of its holistic focus on helping children achieve their true potential
■ Aflatoun complements our programme quite well and would add more depth to
our own efforts of making a better financial future for the next generation
■ Aflatoun brings with it vast expertise & experience in child social and financial
education, well developed materials, support, M&E
Financial Literacy is the core platform for
Financial Inclusion and Well-Being…
“Bosso ke mang?????”
You are the boss if Money Smart!!!
Concept of Ants linked to Saving….
■ The Ant is small yet, it thinks for the future and its wellbeing. The
question is how? It saves enough food during summer that will last for the
whole winter. Ants cannot survive on the land in winter, they hibernate,
and that is why they gather food during summer for winter season. The
“Mali-Ants” will be empowering the society to be financial literate.
■ Mali is a Zulu word meaning Money
■ Reasoning behind the Concept and Logo are based on the
bible verse of King Solomon’s Proverbs 6:6
Go to the ant, you sluggard one; consider its ways and be wise! An ant is an animal
of little strength, yet it is exceedingly wise. It has no commander, no leader, no
overseer, ruler or chief.
Yet it prepares and gathers its food at harvest and stores its provisions in summer,
getting ready for winter, so that when winter and time of hibernation comes it has
no worry but plenty to eat. How long will you lie there, you sluggard one? When
will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the
hands to rest, and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity will attack you
like an armed man/robber.
Source: Charlotte Sibiya & Nombuso Sibiya, Youth Ambassadors of TCTS SA™
Unleashing…. Mali-Ants!!!

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