CMS - Collinsville Middle School Dance Team

CMS Dance Team Tryouts
Tryouts are open to anyone who will be attending Collinsville Middle
School for the 2014-2015 school year! ***Please bring a 4x6 or wallet
sized picture with you to try-outs. These will not be returned.
There is a mandatory parent meeting for anyone interested in trying out
May 21nd at 5:00 in the CMS Library.
tryout dates:
April 29th 4:00-6:00 @ CMS
April 30th 4:00-6:00 @ CMS
May 1st 4:00- 6:00 @ CMS
If you have any questions about
tryouts please contact
Coach Tatum Darr (DIS 5th grade teacher)
[email protected] or Coach Brooke Bettorf [email protected]
March 2014
Dear Tryout Participants and Parents,
CMS Dance Team Tryouts
We are delighted that you have chosen to try out for
the Collinsville Middle School Dance Team. This can be
a truly rewarding experience, but it is also a HEFTY
TIME COMMITMENT and can be costly. Please be
aware that it is a ten month time commitment.
This packet has been prepared to familiarize you with
our guidelines and to provide information about the
tryout procedure. Please read all the information
You will find that the basic qualifications to be a
member are not difficult to achieve. Aside from
academic eligibility, you must have pep and
enthusiasm, want to be involved, enjoy performing in
front of a crowd, be willing to work hard, and most
We are looking forward to a great year with dancers
who are ready to work hard and have fun!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
For more information, or to download this packet,
please visit our dance website at
Tatum Darr
346-6311 (Dorris Intermediate School)
[email protected]
Brooke Bettorf
[email protected]
CMS Dance Team
CMS Dance Team Information
We will practice once a week during the summer and twice a week
during the school year on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All practices will be
held at a location TBA, but most likely at CMS. We will attend technique
classes on Wednesday evenings—see more info. below. There will be
extra practices prior to competition and basketball season.
We will be attending a UDA camp this year during either June or July.
We will either join the Kahok Dance Team at their camp or attend a
camp overnight at a college. There will be an out-of-pocket cost for
attending camp. We will learn routines to use throughout basketball
season as well as important dance and networking skills. Camp is
mandatory for all dance members. No exceptions!
We will have a choreographer attend a mandatory practice closer to
competition season in November. The girls will learn both routines and
have a break for lunch. This practice will be tentatively from 10-6 on a
Saturday or Sunday. There may be more than one choreography practice
on the weekend.
Technique Classes
Technique is mandatory. We will attend Turning Pointe in Maryville on
Wednesday nights from 3:30-4:30. The cost of technique is $40 per
month for 4 months. This will last on Wednesday evenings from
September-January (January will be reserved for make-up days from
holidays/snow days). Payments due the first practice of every month to
Tatum and Brooke.
The approximate costs are explained on a separate page in this packet.
Please look through these costs and make sure that you understand that
there is financial obligation in order to be on the CMS Dance Team.
CMS Dance Team Information
CMS Dance Team
Fundraising is a necessary and mandatory part of the CMS
Dance Team. Money raised through fundraisers is used to pay
for choreography, competition fees, our banquet, poms, apparel
for school functions and competition, and any additional items
needed throughout the season. It is your obligation to fundraise.
Fundraising is in addition to the money for consumable items
that you purchase for your child. Each dancer will have an
account and an amount they must fundraise. Most of our
fundraisers require your presence and you get a portion of the
Parent Obligations
We completely understand the hectic schedule that comes with
your child being involved in athletics. Therefore, we try to only
schedule parent meetings once a month as needed to discuss
upcoming events. We also communicate through monthly
calendars and emails. Please read the calendars carefully so you
are aware of the upcoming week‘s events. The calendars and
other important information will also be uploaded to our dance
The Collinsville Middle School dancers perform at home boys’
and girls’ basketball games. These games are typically held on
Tuesdays and Thursdays from November through January.
Our team is a competition dance team. We will compete in at
least 3 competitions this season. The dance team members will
need to understand the importance of making a commitment
and working hard when you join a competitive team. We will
take a bus to all competitions. All other dance team members
will be counting on you to keep your commitment and work
hard all season.
Uniforms and poms are provided to each dancer. Each dancer is
responsible for their uniforms, keeping them clean and in good
repair. Shoes, bodysuit, and other consumable items are paid for
by the parents or with fundraising money.
CMS Dance Team Information
Cost List
Tennis Shoes…………………… $76.00
Dance Shoes x 2……………… $60.00
Bodysuit x 2…………………... $20.00
Dance Bag……………………… $30.00
Camp Wear……………………. $60.00
Camp…………………………… $75.00
Technique..…………………….. $40.00/month for
4 months
Total= $396 for new girls
$230 for returning girls
Receipts will be handed out and kept track of to eliminate any
concerns with payments to the coaches. Each girl will be
responsible for fundraising $230.00 towards the Dance Account
which pays for competition fees, videos, gifts, and any other
additional items needed during the season (these add up quickly!)
Because dancing requires us to purchase many items, it is the
responsibility of each dancer to pay for the items. If a dancer
decides to quit the team after items have been ordered, it is still her
responsibility to pay for all the items in full.
CMS Dance Team Information
Dancing Application
There are certain obligations and responsibilities which one must
assume to qualify and remain a member of the dance team. First
and foremost, dancing must come before all other activities. Each
person is free to pursue other interests if they do not
interfere with the duties and schedule of the team. The commitment
to the dance team lasts roughly ten months.
Attendance and punctuality to every practice and event is
mandatory. Each candidate has been advised to the Dance Team
Constitution and should know what is expected.
General Information
City:______________________________ Zip:________________
Phone Number:__________________________________________
Mother’s Name:__________________________________________
Father’s Name:___________________________________________
Circle Grade for 2013-2014 School Year:
7th Grade
8th Grade
Permission and Agreement
I have been advised of the duties and responsibilities of the Dance Team
and I agree to obey the rules as long as I am a member of the team.
Candidate’s Signature______________________________________
Parent’s Signature_________________________________________

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