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Access EDplan™
Login to EasyPEP™
Set Forgotten Password
View Caseload
View Student Profile
Develop a PEP
EDplan™ URL
• Accessible on any computer
• Not behind CMS firewall, but a secure system
• Pre-determined user types defines what you
may and may not access on the system
Log into EasyPEP™
• Type in name and password.
Remember that
this is case
Remember to leave
a space between
your first and last
Click here
After Log In…
• You may see one or more of the following
– PCG End-User Agreement
– CMS Confidentiality Policy Agreement
– Forgotten Password Question
• Otherwise, you will see the Main Menu screen
Forgotten Password Question
Type in the question
you want the
system to ask you.
Type in the answer
you will provide.
It’s case sensitive!
Click here
If you forget your password…
• Click the Forgot Your Password link
• Follow the steps
Do not need to type your
Click here
Main Menu Page
you see
of this systemAlthough
EasyIEP™, EasyPEP™, and
EasyIEP™, you are
messages the
DO NOTPlease
send check
EasyPEP™ Team may send
from thisyou.
Here iscontact
the information
your PEPto
Help Desk.
contacting the Help Desk.
Update Account
• Click My Info tab.
Last used to log on password
8 character minimum
1 uppercase
1 lowercase
1 number
1 symbol
Do not make any changes to
the sections under this green
Click here
Update Account Confirmation
• Click on any tab from Main Menu Navigation
Bar to exit page.
Click here
Accessing Students’ Portfolios I
• Click the Students tab from the Main Menu
Accessing Students’ Portfolios II
• PEP Administrators can add new students to your account.
View Portfolios
• Click student’s name to open his/her
EasyPEP™ portfolio and EDplan Documents
(i.e., IEP and PEP).
Ignore this section
Student’s Tab Bar
• There are 8 tabs on this bar.
Please do not use this tab.
Log out of
Returns to the
to for
the Student Profile
Selecting Students
page Page
Returns to Main Menu page
Communicate with other team
View all of student’s past and
members on student’s needscurrent
and PEPs, IEPs, and faxed
Student Profile Page I
• Review student’s demographic and assessment date.
Demographic Page Entries I
• If student has been retained, teacher should indicate
in what grade on the School Information table
Demographic Page Entries II
• Users SHOULD NOT enter information in the
Services Received table this school year.
Assessment I
• Previous years’ assessments (2009…) and grades
(2010…) can be viewed.
Assessment II
• Data is still being imported.
PEP Process Flow
• The New PEP Process button enters the PEP Process
flow for the student.
PEP Process Flow Page
• PEP Process Flow page will appear
• Same navigation flow at bottom of pages
Develop a PEP– All
• Let’s work through one. Please take notes on the
next few pages.
• Case manager
– May only be one
– Must be the same one throughout the year
– Associated with all plans
• Teachers
– All current teachers automatically appear as option for each plan
• Except: Changed schedule or New to the school)
– Only teachers selected in last step of process will be associated
with plan
• Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
– Imported from NC Wise
– Any change in parent info must be processed with registrar
• Other Team Members
– May be added using Add/Remove Team Member button
Team Page
• PEP Administrators need to instruct teachers regarding Case
Manager assignments
• To Add/Remove team members, select Add/Remove Team
Team Page
• Click checkbox to select or deselect a team member.
• Scroll to bottom of page and click Save & Continue>>
General Area(s) of Need I
• General Area of Need
– Click check box
Click Save
• Specific Area of Need
– Click check box to remove last year’s if necessary
– Click check box to add current year’s
Click Save and Continue
General Area(s) of Need Page II
• Click Save at bottom of Specific Areas of Need
– Click Save & Continue>>
Define & Hypothesize
• Confirm Specific Area of Need
– Dropdown
• Define the Problem
– Begin statement with student’s name
– Concrete, observable, measurable
• Hypothesize the Problem
– Begin statement with student’s name
Differentiated Strategies I
• Select at least 1 differentiated strategy method
– How will you ensure student’s access to core
curriculum given academic problem defined in
• Select delivery method
Differentiated Strategies II
• Do not click
Create Differentiation Strategies Plan button
• Scroll to bottom of page for Save & Continue
Planning I
Planning II
• Identify no more than two (2) academic targeted skills from
list at a time
• Identify intervention tool(s) and details
– Duration (Input minute increments only)
– Frequency (How many times per week)
– Begin Date & Review Date (20-30 instructional days from Begin Date)
• Identify progress monitoring tool(s) and details
– Subject Domain
– Score Type
Click Save and Continue
Create Plan - Dates
• Notification Date
– Parent first notified that plan would be developed
• Plan Begin Date
– First date of first intervention implementation
• Plan End Date (Plan Review Date)
– 02/07/12 Semester Course
– 06/15/12 Year-long Course
• Copy of Plan
– Parent received (will receive) copy of final plan
Create Plan – Plan’s Team
• Parent
– Ignore statement on screen regarding parent attending meeting.
– Must select the parent/guardian to include parent on team
• Implementing Teachers
• Case Manager automatically associated with each plan
Create Plan – Team Notes
• Date all notes
• Include initial of first name and full last name at beginning of
all notes
• Recommendation for use
– State what other subject area teachers are implementing/supporting
intervention strategies
– State if interventions started before official parent notification date
– Strategies for parents/guardians to implement at home
– Document if review of plan with parent was conducted by phone
Create Plan – Create Document
• Create Draft of Plan first
– Proof and confirm with all team members
– Review with parent if possible before creating a Final Document
• Create Final Document - BARCODE
– The EDplan™ system does not record student as having a plan until the
plan is finalized
– Official document
– Case manager and all teachers on plan must sign signature page
– Parent signature not required, but recommended
– Student signature not required
– Parent must receive a copy of the plan with school staff’s signature
• PEP Intranet Link
– http://j.mp/pepintranet
• RtI Behavior Plan Questions
– Edwin Wilson, RtI Behavior Coordinator
[email protected]

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