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Study Session: Linear
Equation Applications
October 4th, 2012
Brief Overview
Name the types of
calculations that are
measured in square units.
Formulas for perimeter and
area of rectangles, squares,
and triangles:
A football field is 116 yards long and 54 yards wide. How many
yards of painted border are needed to enclose the field?
Myra’s new TV has a perimeter of 134 inches. Its width is 5
inches less than twice its height. How many inches wide is the
Carpet sells for $4 per square foot and it will cost James $440 to
re-carpet his room. If his room is 10 feet long, how many feet
wide is it?
The triangular sail on Allison’s boat needs to be replaced. Find
the amount of fabric needed for a new sail that has a base of 16
meters and a height of 12 meters.
The American flag as a width of 12 feet and a length of 4 feet less
than twice the width. Determine the amount of square feet of
fabric required to make the American flag.
A retired couple invested $20,000 in bonds. At the end of the year,
they received an interest payment of $650. What was the simple
interest rate of the bonds?
Creating Expressions
Jack, Jill, and Ron share a 2-bedroom apartment. Their monthly
rent is represented by R. The water bill is $20 per person; the
electric bill is $350 a month. Jill will be picking up the total water
bill as well as half of the electric. Ron will be paying the other half
of the electric bill as well as his third of the rent. Jack will be
paying for Jill’s portion of the rent as well as his own. Create
three algebraic expressions for the amount that each person will
To be eligible for a new home mortgage, Joel's monthly mortgage
payment should not exceed 25% of his take-home pay. Use the
information below to determine whether Joel is eligible for the
new home mortgage.
 Monthly Take-Home Pay: $3572
 Mortgage Payment: $875
In March of 2012, GM reported a 10% increase in number of
vehicles sold compared to March of 2011. If the total number of
vehicles sold by GM in March of 2012 was 240,515, how many
vehicles were sold in March of 2011?
Cho paid $330 for a plane ticket to Arizona. He must also
pay a 14% convenience fee for booking with a travel
agency. What is the total cost of Cho’s flight to Arizona?

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