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Prepared by : Dr. Purvi Bhagat
From : Guidelines of Gujarat Medical Council –
Continuing Medical Education
in the State of Gujarat
The Gujarat Medical Council ( GMC ) started
implementation of accreditation programmes in
the State of Gujarat from 1st January 2012.
 Medical Science is dynamic & there is no end of
learning for a doctor.
 This is in essence the basic concept of Continuing
Medical Education ( CME ).
 Imparting new knowledge & skills to the
professional and helping them transfer these to
their patients is possible only through CME.
A Physician should participate in professional
meetings as part of Continuing Medical Education
Programmes & should earn
30 hours per year
150 hours every 5 years.
Organizations / Activities to be
accredited for CME
 The CMEs should be organized by reputed
professional academic bodies or any other
authorized organizations.
 Only the programmes organised / sponsored /
funded by the following organisations /
institutions are approved by the GMC for
accreditation :
1. International, National, State conf. / scientific
programmes organised by professional bodies.
2. Programmes conducted by Govt. & Private
Medical Colleges.
3. Programmes conducted by Hospitals having
4. Any other organization approved by GMC.
Guidelines for CME Accreditation
 The body will have to apply to the GMC for credit hrs.,
atleast 25 days in advance, on a designed application
form, accompanied by the complete programme of
the C.M.E./ Conference, names, designation & CV of
speakers, subject of speech & duration of the talks.
 Accredited bodies like I.M.A./ professional bodies
which hold regular CMEs have to inform the GMC,
the date & time of the CME at least 15 days in
 Accreditation / Credit hours awarded will be at the
sole discretion of the GMC.
 It will depend upon subject matter, status of the
speakers, quality of the papers to be presented.
 Ordinarily the duration of the CME should be
more than 2 hrs.
 Associations/ Organizations should strictly issue the
certificate to the delegate who has attended the
 The certificates should be distributed only on the
last day after completion of CME / Conference /
 Associations/ Organizations will be duty bound to
send the feedback of the delegates & the list of
delegates who attended the C.M.E./Conference.
 GMC may depute one representative to attend the
CME as Observer who will be given Certificate of
 After the programme, a short report of the
programme + exact time schedule of the speeches + a
list of the participants with their GMC registration
numbers & signatures + a specimen copy of the
certificate issued should reach the Registrar, GMC
within 10 days.
 The Organizing Secretary will be responsible for the
authenticity of all data which will be counter checked
at the time of renewal of registration.
 In case it is found by the council that the certificate
or any of the data is false, then the accreditation
certificate will be cancelled & the organisation will
be debarred for future accreditation.
 Members registered with GMC & > 60 yrs age will be
exempted from obtaining necessary credit hrs.
Guidelines for credit hours
Duration of programme
Minimum Credit hours granted
2 hrs
Half day
One day
Two days
Three days
 Drs. attending International CMEs/conferences can
claim credit hours on production of certificates of
attendance on the same pattern as for National
CMEs/ conferences.
 Medical teachers -- 4 credit hrs/ year on production
of certificate from their head of institution that they
are involved in UG/PG teaching & PG research
 Students doing PG courses of any type from a
recognised institution -- 4 credit hrs / yr for the
duration of the course.
 Speakers/ chairpersons/ co-chairpersons -- 1 credit
hr per talk + credit hours allotted for that CME.
 Subscription of indexed national / international
journal -- 5 credit hrs / year / journal, subject to a
maximum of 10 hrs / yr.
 Oral paper presentation in International conf. --
3 credit hrs
 Oral paper presentation in National conf. --
2 credit hrs.
 Drs. in Govt. / Private sector undergoing refresher
courses can earn credits for the same.
Author / Editor of Published Medical Text Book
Author of Chapter Published in Medical Text Book
Credit Hours
Original article in International indexed journal
Case report in “
Letter to editor “
Original article in National indexed journal
Case report in “
Letter to editor “
Original article in State indexed journal
Case report in “
Letter to editor “
CME which will not be accredited
 Organized by drug/equipment company for their
 Organized by individual nursing homes / hospitals /
persons for marketing purpose.
 Organized for self promotion / advertisement.

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