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The Business of Budgets
SSHRC - Insight Grant Preparation
Diane Dobbins, MA
Manager, Research and Partnerships
([email protected] or ext 52152)
July 6, 2011
Quick Tips
• Review SSHRC guidelines on eligible (and ineligible)
expenses – if you are not sure, ask!
• Estimate costs of research realistically
• Check past competition results, by committee, to gage
possible funding patterns
• Link proposed activities or anticipated milestones to
budget where possible
• When you need a break from grant writing, work on
your budget. Don’t leave until the end. The budget is
now part of the adjudication process!
SSHRC 2010 Budget Template
Personnel costs
– Student salaries and benefits/Stipends *(mandatory stipend amounts no longer exist)
Non-student salaries and benefits/Stipends
– Postdoctoral
– Other
Travel and subsistence costs
– Applicant/Team member(s)
Canadian travel
Foreign travel
– Canadian travel
– Foreign travel
Other expenses
– Professional/Technical services
– Supplies
– Non-disposable equipment
Computer hardware
Other expenses (specify)
– Ex. Communication/Dissemination
SSHRC 2010 Budget Justification
Budget Justification:
– 2 page maximum
– Use the same headings within the SSHRC budget
template and include a short statement/justification
for each component
– Example #1. “One undergraduate research assistant
per year at $6,000 is included in the budget”.
– Example #2. “One Ph.D. student is supported for 3
years at $12,000 per year. Four Masters students are
engaged in the program. Three are supported by this
program, each for two years (1 starts in Year 1; 2 start
in Year 2) at $8000 per annum”.
– Be realistic and specific when possible.
Items to Consider
Personnel Costs (including salaries and wages, vacation
pay and benefits)
- Support Staff
- Students
- Technicians
- Post Doctoral Fellows
- Project Managers (if applicable, if appropriate)
SERVICES annually*
Items to Consider
Travel, Accommodation & Living Expenses
- Accommodation
- Meals
- Airfare
- Transportation (Non-Airfare)
- Incidental Travel Expenses
Items to Consider
Operating Expenses
- Office Supplies
- Laboratory Supplies
- Field Supplies
- Publication Charges
- Audit Costs (if applicable)
Items to Consider
Equipment Expenses
Consultant's Fees (outside University of Guelph)
Items to Consider
Costs of research subcontracts with collaborators
(sending funds outside University of Guelph)
- Office of Research rule of thumb: if the collaborator is
identified as a scientific/technical contributor, we can
issue a research subcontract
- For all other personnel involved in the projects who
are external to the University, usual procurement
processes would apply
Items to Consider
Other Costs
- Computer Charges (specify rate & computer
- Rental
- Audio Visual Costs
Items to Consider
Indirect Costs – not applicable on SSHRC
SSHRC Budget Template
• SSHRC budget template and the online application should be available by
Procurement Policy March 2011 - http://www.fin.uoguelph.ca/sites/default/files/FI1802011Mar29_0.pdf
Travel Policy May 15, 2011 - www.fin.uoguelph.ca/sites/default/files/Travel%20Policy%20&%20Procedure%20V%201.06%20%20Apr%2028,%202011.pdf
Benefit Allocation Rates 2011-2012 - www.fin.uoguelph.ca/sites/default/files/20112012%20Benefit%20Allocation%20Rates.pdf
Faculty Collective Agreement - www.uoguelph.ca/vpacademic/documents/CAupdateApr11.pdf
Undergraduate Student Wages - www.uoguelph.ca/hr/admins/student-wages
GSA Wages - $37.56hr www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/graduatestudies/index.cfm?regguide/working
GSA Definition
Graduate Service Assistant (GSA)
Typically, the services provided by GSAs fall into two categories:
Work that is directly related to the academic enterprise but not properly a GTA or
Examples of these services include the preparation of academic or administrative
reports and the compilation of statistics for departmental use. This work may not
contribute to the student's thesis research.
The GSA(i) rate of pay is established annually.
Work that is not directly related to the academic enterprise. Examples of these services
include locking/unlocking doors, cooking, cashiering, snow removal, and lifeguarding.
Students are paid at the appropriate hourly rate set by Human Resources for the appropriate
kind of work.
The university provides a T4 tax information slip each year to students with GSAs.
GRA Definition
Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)
• Graduate students may be supported through research grants
received by faculty members from external agencies or
• The student's research must contribute to the research of the
faculty member under whose direction it is conducted. It must be
used in the preparation of the student's thesis.
• The dollar value of GRA stipends are no longer determined by the
external granting agencies' guidelines on support of graduate
students through research operating grants.
• GRAs must be approved by the department chair or school director
on the recommendation of the adviser.
• The university provides a T4A tax information slip each year to
students with GRAs.
Diane Dobbins, MA
Manager, Research and Partnerships
College of Management and Economics
[email protected] or ext. 52152

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