Loss of Identity

Riana and Sam
 Wrote 1984 as his own personal message to
society for freedom of expression
 In writing 1984, showed how people would
react under a totalitarian government
 Party manipulates everyone into being the
same person
 Only aware of certain “facts”
 Everyone is like their robot
 Destroys all sense of identity
 Everyone wears the same clothes, eats the
same food, lives in the same apartments
 Brainwashed into another “clone”
 Keeps him from showing his true identity
 Any individual thought is borderline crime
 “To dissemble your feelings, to control your
face, to do what everyone else was doing
was an instinctive reaction” Book 1 pg. 16
 During 2 minutes Hate
 Everyone was afraid to show any signs of
personal thoughts
 Never showed their true identity
Past and Future
 “ Who controls the past”, ran the Party
slogan, “controls the future: who controls the
present controls the past” Book 1 pg. 28
 The Party slogan
 Control all aspects of life  easily change
facts from any point in time as if they never
 When a person dies, it’s as if they never
 “ You could not have friends nowadays, you
had comrades” Book 1 pg. 36
 Party does not promote any sort of
 One can learn more about themselves by
building a relationship with someone else
 Can develop identity
 “You’d prefer to stick to Oldspeak, with all its
vagueness, its useless shads of meaning”
Book 1 pg. 39 (iBook)
 Syme speaking to Winston
 Newspeak = less words to memorize, all
repeated/attached to suffixes and prefixes
 Party is trying to eradicate individual thought
by not giving people many words to use
 “ Freedom is the freedom to say that two
plus two makes four” Book 2 pg. 57 (iBook)
 Winston writing in his diary
 Simple math can be overruled by the Party
 Believes that once we can believe this fact,
we are free
 “There was truth and there was untruth, and
if you clung to the truth even against the
whole world, you were not mad.” Book 2 pg.
149 (iBook)
 Winston thought, just because a person is
different, and thinks differently to apparently
everyone else they are not necessarily
 Thinking IS Identity.
 Led to his downfall
 Control of the people leads to control of their
identity which leads to a mass of people
unable to be their own person
 They becomes clones of The Party
 No individual thought, loss of themselves

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