Do we do Dewey

Library Instruction for DDC
Professional Development Day
May 13th, 2011
How to Access CLS Website
Go to the HRSB website at
Click on ‘Departments’ link on the left-hand side
Click on the ‘Program’ link with book graphic
Click on the ‘Library Services’ link at the bottom
Click on the link for the DDC presentation
 Introduction
 Lesson Plan Outline
 Sample Lesson Plan
 Exploration of Resources
 Presentations
 Activities
 Combinations
 Print Resources
 Conclusion
For this session, you are
going to explore various
sites on the internet that
will help you create your
own lessons for teaching
students how to use the
Dewey Decimal system
A Few Notes about Instruction…
The time you have with the students is
limited (often less than 30 minutes)
You want to ensure that students have
time to look at the books and find
something they’d like to borrow
Aim to have instruction that lasts
no more than ten minutes
Lesson Plan Outline
Ten minutes
• Instruction/presentation on an
aspect of the Dewey Decimal System
Ten minutes
• Activity related to instruction
Five minutes
• Assistance with book search
Five minutes
• Sign-out of selected library item
For Example...
Ten minutes
• “Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System”
YouTube or picture book with discussion of 10 groups
Ten minutes
• “Be Like Bob: Discover the Dewey Decimal System”
activity in groups of four or five students
Five minutes
• Assistance with book search
Five minutes
• Sign-out of selected library item and give bookmark
Let’s Begin...
Open a new Microsoft word document and title
it “Library Instruction” and save it on the
desktop – you will send this to yourself via email at the end of the session
As you work your way through the different
slides and visit the various websites, copy and
paste the sites that interest you into your
“Library Instruction” document
A few sample PowerPoint presentations.
These could be adapted for your students!
Or perhaps this will spark a new idea!
Jefferson County Schools
Library Science Presentations
Great presentation that you could
adapt/shorten, etc. to explain the
Dewey Decimal system
Simple, five question quiz at
the end of the presentation
Online Computer Library Center
Resources for teachers and
students of the DDC
Includes a PowerPoint
presentation for kids
A few sample games, activities and quizzes.
These could be adapted for your students!
Or perhaps this will spark a new idea!
Monadnock Regional School District
Cafe Dewey
Dewey Decimal system is related
specific food items at a restaurant
Menus, bookmarks, lessons plans
and more also available for free!
Daphne East Elementary
Shopping with Dewey
Dewey Decimal system is compared to
the familiar layout of a grocery store
Simple Dewey Decimal poster is also
available for download
Wolf Swamp Road Elementary
The Book Disaster
During construction, workers
accidentally knocked down the
library and mixed up all the books
Intended for older students, but
could be adapted for younger ones
Middleton Thrall Public Library
Can You do the Dewey?
Includes some basic
information and a brief
biography of Dewey
Also includes very fun
interactive online game
A few sample presentations with related activities.
These could be adapted for your students!
Or perhaps this will spark a new idea!
Doin’ Dewey with Mr. B
Includes PowerPoint presentation
which may give you some ideas
Also includes fun online quiz perfect
for elementary students
“Do We” Really Know Dewey?
Great source of information for
Grades 5-6
Includes section of fun quizzes and
puzzles to print off
Eichold-Mertz Elementary
Play the Dewey Decimal System Game
An adaptation based on this presentation
would be more suited to Grades 4-6
Also includes fun spinner game
Wrap up...
Save your “Library Instruction” document (Word 2003-2007) on the Desktop
Open your EDnet e-mail account through
Select ‘New Message’ on the top left and type your own email address in the ‘To’ field
Attach the “Library Instruction” document to the e-mail:
Select the paperclip icon for ‘Attachments’ on the right and click the ‘Browse’ button
Select ‘Desktop’ then find your document “Library Instruction” and double click
Next, click ‘Update’ on the right of your screen, then ‘Send’
Check your ‘Inbox’ to ensure that you have received the file
Thank you for Participating!
Did you find any other Dewey Decimal resources that you
would like to share? Email additional suggestions to Donna!
We hope these resources will be useful to you!
Enjoy the rest of the LSS PD Day!

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