Situational Leadership

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The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS) is the home of Situational Leadership®. For more
than 40 years, CLS has equipped leaders around the globe with the skills necessary to adapt
to any circumstance, predict and overcome any challenge and seize every opportunity.
CLS’ diverse product portfolio, which includes a competency model and comprehensive offthe-shelf leadership curriculum with both custom and remote capabilities, allows us to serve as
a single provider for all organizational training needs.
We service these needs through a multitude of modalities, including onsite and public “Train
the Trainer” programs and workshops, blended-learning development and personalized
coaching opportunities.
CLS, based out of Cary, NC, services customers both domestically and internationally through
an extensive network of over 200 affiliates and facilitators in more than 30 countries who
understand the nuances present in each culture, allowing for the delivery of innovative, highquality training programs in localized languages.
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Situational Leadership®: An Overview
 Deployed in 70% of Fortune 500 companies,
Situational Leadership® is the most successful
and widely used leadership model on the
 Developed by Dr. Paul Hersey at The Center for
Leadership Studies, the Situational Leadership®
Model is a powerful, yet flexible, tool that
serves as a practical road map that leaders can
leverage when making complex decisions
 The framework allows leaders to immediately
assess an individual’s Performance Readiness®
Level (combination of ability and willingness) to
perform a specific task or function and adjust
their leadership style accordingly
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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Course Overview
Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is
a one-day, instructor-led course that equips
leaders with the tools necessary to
influence the performance of others
through the practical application of the
Situational Leadership® Model.
Click the monitor to learn more.
The course includes the following materials:
 Pre-Work
 LEAD Self (paper or online); upgrade to LEAD
Other Online
 Participant Kit
 Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders
Participant Guide
▪ Team Leadership Building Leadership Handout
▪ Team Leadership Model Pocket Card
 Team Leadership Certificate
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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Course Objectives
Participants attending Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders should be able to:
 Define leadership
 Apply Situational Leadership® by:
 Identifying the specific task for application of the Situational Leadership® process
 Accurately assessing the Performance Readiness® Level of the individual
 Responding with the right leadership style and behaviors to meet the performance needs of the
 Communicating the leadership response more effectively
 Managing the movement of the individual through various levels of Performance Readiness®
 Identify opportunities to improve in the application of Situational Leadership®
through self‐assessment and development planning
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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Course Agenda
Program Introduction
30 mins
- Introductions
- Program Overview (Objectives and Agenda /
28 mins
2 mins
Mindset Activity
15 mins
- Activity: Mindset of Leaders
10 mins
- Skills Within the Organization
5 mins
- Leadership Definitions
30 mins
30 mins
Application Challenges – Match / Mismatch
Development and Regression
30 mins
30 mins
15 mins
1 hour, 45 mins
60 mins
15 mins
- Manage the Movement – Regression
5 mins
15 mins
- Activity: Structured Skill Discussion
30 mins
10 mins
Sustainment and Conclusions
- Activity: Re-Entry and FeedForward
30 mins
10 mins
- Video Examples of Readiness
10 mins
- Activity: Assessing Readiness
25 mins
15 mins
- Activity: Match / Mismatch
45 mins
1 hour, 25 mins
- Activity: Matching Styles
- Activity: Video Case Studies
- Performance
10 mins
10 mins
15 mins
35 mins
- Manage the Movement – Development
- The Hobby Activity
- Introduction to Situational Leadership® Model –
Part 2
- Activity: Identify the Specific Task
- Assessing Performance Readiness® and Flip
Chart Activity
60 mins
- Video Style Match Examples
- Review LEAD Feedback
5 mins
Diagnosing the Situation
Adapting Leadership Response
- Matching the Leadership Response and
Flip Chart Activity
Reviewing LEAD Results
5 mins
Introduction to Situational Leadership®
- Introduction to the Situational Leadership® Model
– Part 1
15 mins
Total Workshop Time
15 mins
15 mins
7 hours
(Classroom time)
60 mins
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