Bio Content Curation

Open Educational Resources
to support flexible learning
Bioflex Content Curation
Selected OERs:
• MIT OpenCourseWare
• NSDL (National Science Digital Library)
• Khan Academy
• OER Commons
• OpenStax cnx
Bioflex Content Curation
• Process for curating open access learning objects
• Identified best OERs for Biol 112/121subjects
• Identified licenses for objects with permissions for
copyright requirements
• Search plans created for efficient and effective OER
• Researched best low-cost/effective location for
storage with the ability to migrate
• Functional public facing portal to access learning
objects to meet flexible course needs
Project Team:
Principal Investigator: Prof. Shona Ellis
CTLT Project Manager: Gillian Gerhard
BIOL Project Manager: Gulnur Birol
BIOL 112/121 instructors: Marcia Graves & Pam Kalas
Supervising Librarian: Katherine Miller
Teaching & Learning Librarian (Flexible Learning): Erin Fields
Student Librarian: Melanie Cassidy
Research Assistant: Sarah Parker
We want to gratefully acknowledge the following people for their
• Eka Grguric, Yvonne Chan and Paul Joseph (IT team for the
development of the curation space)
• Aleteia Greenwood. Head, Woodward Library
This presentation was created by Sarah Parker for the UBC Biology Teaching
Retreat held on July 29, 2014

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