Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Matthew brings YOU, what YOU should
know about health and safety in the I.C.T.
Sit up straight and make yourself comfortable!
When sitting at your desk remember to :
Sit in a five-legged chair to avoid
being knocked over! The more legs
the better!
Try to keep your lower arms and
thighs in a roughly horizontal
position whilst working with the
Most of all be comfortable and safe!
Have a TOP worktop!
Have a worktop which
is the right height 660730mm (720mm is
Matt worktops in a
cream or beige colour
are recommended in
order to reduce glare.
Never use worktops for
something to place
drinks on!
There’s no use crying over SPILT MILK!
Water and liquids can be very dangerous
so make sure YOU know the precautions!
Always keep electrical wires at least one
metre away from liquids.
Don’t drink or have food near your
computer and NEVER place cups near
computers they can easily be knocked
If at all possible a room to have food and
drink should be given.
Water way to go!
Be the bright spark and bring LIGHT into YOUR life!
Windows should be fitted with
non-reflective blinds preferably
beige. Don’t just blind it out!
Consideration should be given to
positioning of the screen away
from light reflection and glare.
The optimum position is at right
angles to the source of natural
Always be in a well lit room!
See the BiGgEr picture with YOUR monitor!
All new screens must be
fitted with tilt and swivel
Sufficient room is needed
for the screen to be moved
back and forward.
Ideally, the top of the
screen should be at eye
Using a filter on your
monitor will reduce eye
strain. (HIGHLY
Know this, and you’ll LEAD the way!
Leads should preferably be in
trunking above the height of
the worktops or be safely
An adequate number of
supply sockets should be
provided to eliminate the
need for trailing wires.
It is safer to switch the
equipment off at the wall
socket or room master
In a thunderstorm ensure
ALL electrical equipment is
unplugged from the mains!
Don’t extinguish the danger of fire!
A fire extinguisher suitable for electrical fires (such as
carbon dioxide) must be provided in all computer
Be sensible around dangerous and flammable
substances and be careful of dangerous equipment.
The location of the nearest fire exit must be notified
near the door in each room.
If you see a fire DON’T PANIC! Alert colleagues and
make a quick exit from the building DO NOT USE
DO NOT TAKE RISKS and only try to put out SMALL
I only flicked the little red switch
at the back of the computer!
Take note of info before
you make an inferno!
Don’t get unnecessary strain and pain!
Repetitive Strain Injury
This may be caused by
repetitive finger movements
over very long periods of
In order to reduce muscle
fatigue and strain, users
should be encouraged to get
up and move around at
reasonably frequent
intervals, (and for 5 – 10
minutes at a time at least
once every hour for example
to collect equipment, and to
do other forms of work.
Eye eye and there’s more!
In order to reduce eyestrain,
users should be encouraged
to look away from the screen
and focus on a distant object
from time to time - this will
relax their eye muscles.
The wearing of spectacles
also helps prevent possible
soreness caused by the
bombardment of ionised dust
particles from the screen.
Also avoid using the
computer when you are tired.
Lifting…?Don’t put it to the BACK of your mind!
When lifting equipment take into
Do you need to lift the item manually?
How heavy is it?
Where are you moving the item from?
Where does it have to go?
What route do you have to follow?
Remember if the item is too heavy
get some help, and if there’s
strain there’s bound to be pain!
Don’t talk to a wall, get a firewall!
Nowadays viruses in computers are
VERY common. So what should you
do to antidote them? Here is what
you SHOULD be doing at the very
Have a good firewall.
Have an Anti-Virus software (and
keep it up-to date!)
Always scan e-mail attachments
(some anti-virus programs do
Keep a back up of your work!
Thank you to everyone who watched this presentation. I hope this presentation has been of
some use to you. PLEASE PLEASE take note of what has been said and if you do you’ll
just be like the people below (yes it’s a good thing) Once again thank you.
This presentation was made By Matthew Scruton.
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