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Third Grade
Curriculum Night
Ms. Hidock
All About Ms. Hidock
8th year at MBES
Teacher of the Year in 2012
Graduated from West Virginia University and
received a Masters Degree in Elementary Education
I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Most of my family still lives in Pittsburgh, but my
brother, sister-in-law, and two-year-old niece live
here in Atlanta.
Common Core Georgia
Performance Standards
Reading, English/Language Arts (Grammar),
Writing and Math are aligned to the Common
Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS)
to ensure student learning objectives are met.
All other subjects (Science, Social Studies &
Health) are aligned to the Georgia Performance
Standards (GPS).
“I Can” Statements are the CCGPS using “childfriendly” language. “I Can” Statements are
discussed and posted each time a standard is
taught. Students will become very familiar with
the standards they have mastered as well as
those which are still a work-in-progress.
Georgia’s Standards
Common Core Georgia Performance
English/Language Arts (Grammar)
Georgia Performance Standards
Social Studies
What the CCGPS Expects of Students?
Students will be encouraged to “think deeply” and
to “show what they know.”
Students will be asked to demonstrate a deeper
understanding of text by explaining “how,” “why,”
or “because” by giving their opinion using evidence
found in the text to support their views.
Students will be expected to blend background
knowledge with newly learned facts to formulate
opinions, inform others or to develop interesting
and creative authentic stories and poems.
Students will be expected to “show what they
know” by applying lessons learned (such as grammar
and writing skills) in their writing on a consistent
How Students are Expected to
“Think Deeply” and Respond
Using evidence from the text, explain why a
polar bear would not thrive in the desert.
After reading the short passage on hamsters,
give your opinion whether or not hamsters
would make a good pet. Support your
response using evidence from the text.
Study the picture shown. Using
inferencing, explain how you think
the boy is feeling and why.
How Students are Expected to
“Show What They Know”
3rd Grade Grammar skills are taught
throughout the reading and writing lessons
each week.
Students are not only expected to practice
these skills via homework but also begin to
consistently apply them in their day-to-day
How Will Students be Assessed
on the CCGPS?
The CCGPS encourages a wider
variety of assessments.
Traditional Assessments such as common
pen and paper tests with multiple choice
answers will still be used.
Short Responses will be required for students
to demonstrate they can explain their
thinking clearly, use evidence from a prior
text or formulate and support opinions.
Writing will demonstrate students’ mastery
of 3rd grade grammar skills such as forming
complete sentences, using correct
punctuation, subject and verb agreement,
and the like.
Reading “Small” Groups
Small group reading & writing instruction is
done as follows:
 in small group according to level
 small group according to strategy need
 individual conference
Students who are NOT meeting with the
teacher will be:
 Reading & Responding
 Reading with a Partner
 Word Work including “Words Their
 Book Adventure and STAR Reading
 Independent Research
 Writing
Reading Across the Curriculum
 Science,
Social Studies & Health
reading takes place in the
Math/Science/Social Studies Block
 Science,
Social Studies & Health
reading ALSO takes place during ELA
in the following ways:
 Small Group “Close” reading
 Buddy Reading
 Independent Research
 Writing
BAS Testing
ALL MBES students are individually assessed using the
Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS).
Students are assessed in the first 3 weeks of school,
throughout the year and at the end of the year by their ELA
BAS testing provides teachers with 2 levels:
 Independent Reading Level
 The level at which students are able to fluently
read and comprehend without support
 Instructional Level
 The level at which teacher and students work
together to ultimately achieve independence. This
level is generally 1 level ABOVE the students’
Independent Reading Level
3rd Grade levels range from “M” (beginning of 3rd) – “P”
(end of 3rd)
Homework Policy
Why Homework?
Practice makes perfect!
 Students learn responsibility,
pride & ownership.
Homework Expectations:
Will be posted weekly on the website.
Will consist of (approximately) 15 minutes
of skills practice and 20 minutes of reading
each night.
Homework should be done neatly and
with care.
How’s My Child Doing?
Grading Information
Daily: Use Eschools-plus to view grades
Bi-Monthly: Selected work will be sent
home for you to review, sign & return.
Quarterly: Report Cards sent home for
you to keep.
3 Times per Year: Progress Skills
Checklists (“checklist” of CCGPS) sent
home for you to keep.
Grading Scale
Below 70
FCBOE Policy: Recovery Grades:
any child that did not earn a 70% on
a test on the first attempt can earn at
the highest a 70% after recovery.
Standardized Testing
ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills)
October 20th-24th 2014
Nationally Norm Referenced Test
which indicates current level of
performance as compared with other
3rd grade students taking the test
CRCT will be replaced with a new
assessment called Georgia Measures
of Academic Progress (GMAP)
Given April (TBD)
Website & Edmodo
Classroom Website:
Used for Homework Assignments, Units
and Standards being taught, enrichment
and much, much more!
Should be checked daily by students!
Used to facilitate homework
Each student will have a log-in
Please email me if you ever have
any questions or concerns
throughout the year.
[email protected]
Responses will be answered
within 24 hours via e-mail …
although many of you know
already I will get back to you
usually within hours 
Thanks a million!
Thank you for sharing your time
with me this evening.
Third grade is already off to an
excellent start.
I can only look forward to a
spectacular rest of the year!!

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