E-3 Visa for Australians

E-3 Visa for Australians!
The E-3 visa was created in May 2005
by an Act of the United States Congress as a
result of the Australia-United States Free
Trade Agreement (AUSFTA).
A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
for the Aussies!
 10,500 visas issued annually to Australian
nationals only!
 E-3 visa is renewable indefinitely! (valid for 2 year
 Spouse has full legal working rights!
 Spouse need not be Australian
 Spouses and dependents of primary beneficiary
are not included in 10,500
How it Works
 Candidate is presented to U.S Clients
 Interviews are scheduled via phone, video conference,
online technical etc.
 Employment Offer is accepted
 Academic Credentials are evaluated (by most U.S
 All relevant E-3 visa documentation is sent to the candidate
via International Courier
 Candidate schedules E-3 visa interview appointment with
the assistance and guidance of GROW USA
 Once E-3 visa is received, candidate resigns from current
position (there are no guarantees that the applicant will
receive their E-3 visa, therefore we strongly advise against
terminating employment prior to receipt of this)
Employee’s Qualifications
 Mandatory requirements for an E-3 Visa are that you:
– hold a relevant Bachelor Degree plus minimum 3 years commercial
experience OR
– hold a relevant Bachelor & Masters Degree and have minimum 1
year commercial experience OR
– have 12+ years industry experience
 Candidate must possess appropriate degree or equivalent
– 3 years commercial experience equivalent to 1 year study.
– Academic Credential Evaluation is recommended to increase
chances of obtaining visa.
– Important to present well documented case if relying on work
experience only.
 Must have license if position requires license (e.g. attorney, architect,
accountant, teacher)
E-3 Visa Processed Directly
at U.S Consulate
 Candidate applies directly at US Consulate in Australia –
Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth (applications can also be
made at any overseas U.S Consulate which processes
non-immigrant visas)
 Wait Times depend on Consulate – generally 2-4 weeks
 Advance planning required due to backlogs at Consulates
– GROW USA can assist with expedited appointments
 For further information, please visit:
For further information please contact:
Rachael Hitch
Ph. +61 424 177 944
Fax. +61 7 3283 7379
Email. [email protected]

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