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Project partners:
Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
Hidria Rotomatika d.o.o.
HIDRIA Inštitut za materiale in tehnologijo d.o.o.
Hidria AET d.o.o.
Razvojno tehnološki center za vžigne sisteme in elektroniko d.o.o.
Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
Hidria Rotomatika d.o.o., industry of rotary systems
HIDRIA Inštitut za materiale in tehnologijo d.o.o. (Hidria Institute for
Materials and Technologies)
◦ Iskra Avtoelektrika is a global supplier of starter motors and generators for internal
combustion engines, electric motors and electrical drive and mechatronic systems for
working machinery, means of transport and use of the renewable sources of energy.
◦ Within the Hidria Corporation, the manufacturing programme of Hidria Rotomatika is
located in the industrial pillar with an emphasis on automotive technologies, more
precisely steering and drive train systems. The main products are die-cast aluminium
components and electrostatic sheet metal and steel components.
◦ The Institute represents the main R&D basis for Hidria Rotomatika in the field of
automotive technologies.
Hidria AET d.o.o.
Razvojno tehnološki center za vžigne sisteme in elektroniko d.o.o.
◦ Important producer of innovative systems for diesel cold start, fuel heaters and
mechatronics parts for diesel engines generation up to EURO 6 and beyond.
◦ Supports mother company Hidria AET with research, development and validation
Global chalenges – EU policy:
Expected development direction of these products: introduction of
high system voltage, high output power, speed and output torque.
Requirements: high fill factors above 70%, high efficiency above
95% and high specific power, for electrical motors 2kW/kg and for
electronic controller over 10kW/liter
Solutions must provide high IP protection and EMC compatibility.
◦ 20% increase of energy efficiency
◦ (Anticipated 10% increase in the use of el. and hybrid drive systems
by 2020)
◦ 20% renewable energy share by 2020
◦ 20% reduction in greenhouse gases (CO2, HC, NOx, Particulate
Cold start system for diesel engine
System for cold start for diesel engines including glow plug with pressure sensor
either with metal or ceramics heater is assembled into diesel engine on the
vehicle with corresponding control unit. Pressure sensor in the glow plug enable
in-time control of combustion parameters in the cylinder and consequently
achieving optimal conditions which lead to lower fuel consumption and lower
emissions (NOx).
Electric machines - motor generators
Studies and practical solutions for contactless electrical machines with inserted
rare earth permanent magnets, induction generators, motors and alternators for
hybrid and electric vehicles with system voltages from 12V up to 500V. The
motor generators range from 2 kW to 50 kW of output power. The systems have
integrated or separately installed control electronics. The studies also consider
the advantages and disadvantages of direct drive inwheel electric motors to
drive vehicles . With partners on this project a new vital parts such as stator and
rotor laminated stacks were developed and have a defined production process
with some real tooling trial run.
Electronic controllers
A group of controllers or more precisely motor inverters of different voltage
levels (24 VDC ÷ 80 VDC or 600 VDC) for different powers (of a few kW to tens
of kW) intended for driving AC induction motors or synchronous IPM (Inserted
Permanent Magnets) BLPM (brushless) electric motors. The controllers are
designed primarily for the use on hybrid and electric vehicles or vessels and
they all support the four-quadrant mode of operation: in a suitable system with
an electric motor/generator they allow energy recovery during braking of the
vehicle or charging of the batteries while driving with internal combustion
engines on vessels.
BAS (Belt Alternator Starter)
The BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) Start–Stop system was developed. Final tests
showed that the BAS Start–Stop system is capable of cranking the ICE (Internal
Combustion Engine) and a stable operation in generator operation mode. Tests
also confirmed that the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) aluminium housing is
providing the sufficient cooling for controlers internal components.
Transmission, Cooling System end Electric Energy Storage Studies
Studies of Transmission, Cooling System end Electric Energy Storage provide
the basic guidelines for a successful development and the design solutions for
the integration of electrical machines and ECU's in electric and hybrid driving
Glow plug with integrated pressure sensor
Power line to the heater and
feedback signal line from
pressure sensor.
ASIC – Electronic circuit enable
processing of signal from
pressure sensor and send
analog signal to engine control
Pressure sensor is integrated
into glow plug body and
detects pressure forces and
transform them into electrical
signal which ASICS can read
Metal heater
Hidria AET
Innovative glow plug with piezo type of pressure sensor which significantly differs from
existing solutions on the marked. Total system, heater and closed-loop control of
combustion are critical factors to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of diesel engine.
Market interest (important producers of diesel engines) for this system is enormous, so
ambitious plans of Hidria AET to became one of 3 leading players in this segment is real.
Heater function is to glow and
consequently causes burning
process of the fuel. It could be
metal or ceramics type.
BLPM electric motor - ERAD Electric Rear Axel Drive
Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
SBU- Driving systems
Electric motor convenient to drive electric and
hybrid vehicles is designed to fit in the rear axle
together with the differential gearbox :
• Electric motor output power of 50kW on 300V to
400V system voltages.
• Two working modes: Vehicle Propulsion and Braking
• During braking the kinetic energy is recuperated to
electric energy and stored to the battery.
• Brushless solution without maintenance
• Integrated high energy NdFeB permanent magnets
for working efficiency over 92%
• Reduces the vehicle fuel consumption to an extent
of more then 30% and accordingly reduces the
environmental pollution .
BLPM generator - HVG High Voltage Generator
Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
SBU- Driving systems
Electric generator for hybrid vehicles
suitable to be mounted on the Internal
Combustion Engine:
• Works as High Voltage DC generator with
10kW continuous electric power output on
300V to 400V systems.
• Intended for belt drive similar to alternators
• Regulated output voltage is controlled with
correspondent Electronic Control Unit.
• Brushless solution without maintenance.
• Integrated high energy NdFeB permanent
magnets for working efficiency over 92%
• Reduces the vehicle fuel consumption and
accordingly reduces the environmental
pollution .
AC electric motor-generator
Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
SBU- Driving systems
Electric motor suitable to drive electric
• Works as a propulsion motor with 15kW output
power on 48V DC system voltages.
• Motor to be driven with vector control mode
provided with correspondent Electronic Control
• Brushless solution without maintenance.
• Provides zero emission vehicle drive.
Superpiki (Andrej Pečjak) with electric
motor from Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.
Stator lamination
and rotor package
Basic material
Preparations, equipment
Stator lamination
Material analysis
Stator lamination and rotor
manufacture on a progressive
stamping tool
Stamped-out stator
and rotor package
Preparations, equipment
Stator lamination quality check
Preparations, equipment
Additional procedures and
rotor package validation
Product analysis and measurements
Additional accompanying operations
Rotor package HRB
HIDRIA Rotomatika d.o.o.
HIMIT d.o.o.

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