Mentoring Presentation NISOD 2013

Presented by:
Dr. Lydia Tena - Northwest Campus Dean - Mentoring Committee Chair
Robert Aguilar- Northwest Campus Early College Instructor – Mentoring Committee
Debbie Aguilera - Student Technology Services Manager - Mentoring Committee Co-Chair
Jesus Ruben Sanchez - Student Technology Services - Mentoring Committee
To guide and Support Developmental Education
students through the attainment of their
first 30 college credits.
Target audience for initial implementation :
◦ Students Placing into all 3 areas of Developmental
◦ Approximately 1,500-1,800 students per semester
◦ Utilize a series of interventions that take place from
the time of their placement test, through attainment
of 30 college credit hours
Mentor Development and training
Gathered student data for targeted students
◦ Utilized PREP Program Case Management
◦ Obtained Student Contact Information from
IT Department (ARGOS)
Conducted Pilot at two campuses
◦ Northwest Campus – 152 students
◦ Valle Verde Campus – 875 Students
◦ Assigned 20 students to each mentor
▶ Five Campuses and Administrative Center
o Total number of Mentors – 155
o Total number of Mentees – 1,800
▶ Breakdown of Mentors by Site
o Administrative Service Center – 29 Mentors
o Mission Del Paso Campus – 16 Mentors
o Northwest Campus
– 9 Mentors
o Rio Grande Campus
– 31 Mentors
o TransMountain Campus – 15 Mentors
o Valle Verde Campus
– 55 Mentors
▶ Mentors by Classification
o Administrators
o Faculty
– 90
o Staff
– 53
o Students
From Spring 2011-Spring 2013, more than 8,000
students have been mentored
Total number of mentors 185 have been recruited
since Spring 2013
Continue to recruit and train mentors
Targeting all 5 El Paso Community College
Will provide mentoring to all El Paso Community
College students
Obtaining accurate student contact
information is crucial
Cold calls are ineffective
Initial contact with student is important
Mentor training is essential
Peer-to-peer mentoring is preferred by
Poor attendance at meet and greet event
Recognition of mentors is necessary
Will be implementing a Classroom Mentoring Model
approach (CMM)
Will continue to target all 3 areas of Developmental
Education. Reading, English, Math courses
Classroom Mentoring Model will operate differently
and more effective than current method
One mentor will address the whole class that is
assigned to them
Additional one-to-one mentoring can be requested
if needed
We will mentor a total of 24 classes in the
Summer semester.
◦ 13 classes Summer I
◦ 11 Classes Summer II
Pilot will be conducted at Northwest and
Mission del Paso Campus
Each mentor will attend their assigned class
3-4 times per semester for 10-15
Commercial spot filmed by El Paso
Community College TV (EPCC TV)
Bookmarks with information for mentors and
◦ The Tejano Tribune
◦ Faculty Newsletter
◦ Posters throughout campus
Presented at
New Student Orientation
New Teacher Expo
Faculty Development Session
Student Leadership
Leadership Academy
Math FOCUS sessions
Gateway to College

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