Role of the CDI Focal Person

CDI Module 9: Role of the CDI Focal
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A Training Program on CommunityDirected Intervention (CDI) to Improve
Access to Essential Health Services
Module 9 Objectives
By the end of this module, learners will:
 Define who is a community-directed intervention
(CDI) focal person
 Describe the roles of the CDI focal person
 Explain how the health facility as a whole
supports the CDI focal person and CDI activities
Why Do We Need a CDI Focal Person?
 CDI happens when communities take charge of
distributing health commodities themselves with
guidance from the health service
 A CDI focal person with supervisory responsibility
must be present at the supervising health facility to
guide the activities of the community-directed
distributors (CDDs)/community-oriented resource
persons (CORPs)
 The focal person must be trained in CDI activities
and willing to work with community members and
spend time in the community
Who Is a CDI Focal Person?
 Several different cadres of
staff work in a health center
 Any of them can be CDI focal
 The key criterion is that the
person is interested and
willing to reach out and work
with the community
 CDI focal persons are
usually identified at the
facility during CDI orientation
package training
Key Duties
 Mobilize the first and second community meetings that
help establish CDI
 Help communities decide CDD selection criteria and make their
Supervise CDI preparation in the village (e.g., census)
Train CDDs chosen by the community
Supervise CDDs in the village and at monthly meetings
Coordinate commodities
 Order enough and ensure villages collect them
 Monitor and evaluate by collecting and collating CDD
records with health center records
 Coordinate with local partners (e.g., community- and
faith-based organizations)
 Continually promote community involvement
Mobilizing the Community
The CDI focal person (she
or he):
 Carries out community
 Holds a first community
meeting with village
leaders to seek interest
and schedule the
second larger meeting
 Then facilitates the
second community
meeting during which
the community makes a
commitment to CDI
Supervising Preparation
The CDI focal person:
 Guides the
community to conduct
its census
 Helps the community
decide on CDD
 Shares information on
upcoming training
Training CDDs
The CDI focal person:
 Conducts
CDD/CORPs training
using adult education
and participatory
 Organizes refresher
training as needed
 Provides updates
during supervision
Supervising CDDs
The CDI focal person:
 Provides supportive
supervision to the
CDDs/CORPs in the
village using the
supervisory checklist
 Participates in
monthly meetings
with the
Coordinating Supplies
 CDI supplies depend on the package of services to be
provided through integrated community case
management (iCCM)
 The CDI focal person:
 Uses the village censuses to calculate and order
adequate supplies
 Supplies materials to the CDDs/CORPs and ensures
that such materials are in stock at all times
 Helps CDDs/CORPs maintain and audit their stocks
 Ensures that commodities are:
 In stock at the facility at all times
 Available when CDDs come to collect these supplies
Coordinating Partners
 Partners and stakeholders for community
management of malaria (CMM) include:
 Community-based organizations (CBOs)
 Faith-based organizations (FBOs) and other civil
society organizations (CSOs)/nongovernmental
organizations (NGOs) or agencies operating at the
community level
 Local partners have important roles to play in
 Health education of villagers
 Supporting the efforts of CDDs
Monitoring and Evaluating
The CDI focal person:
 Receives and audits the
CDDs’/CORPs’ reports
 Keeps the CDDs’/CORPs’
records at the facility level
and summarizes the
facility’s report for
submission to the local
government area (LGA)
 Provides feedback to the
community on the
performance of the CDDs
and the data collected from
Continual Community Mobilization
 Regular community meetings are needed
 Together with CDDs/CORPs, the focal person
helps bring community members together to:
 Seek their views on progress and problems
 Help the community solve problems
 Reinforce the community’s continued commitment to
the CDI process and support for their CDDs
 Identify additional services that can be added to CDI
 Help the community replace any CDDs who may
have moved or dropped out
Role of the Health Facility
 All health center staff must support the CDI process
 The focal person accomplishes this by working with:
 The pharmacy to ensure adequate supplies of
appropriate commodities
 The records department to ensure CDD reports are
integrated with health center data
 Antenatal care (ANC) and child health staff to ensure
that community referrals are welcomed
Summary Questions
Someone please tell us:
 Who is the CDI focal person?
 What are the roles of the CDI focal person
based at the frontline health facility?
 How can the health facility support the CDI focal

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