Kingsbury Elementary In

Kingsbury Elementary
F R I D A Y , A U G U S T 3 RD
Welcome Back!
What’s happening around KES…
Handbook Jeopardy!
 Volunteers to answer questions
 Step up, Pick a Category, and Answer
 Game you can use in class (SuperTeacher)
 Prizes!
Handbook Highlights
 Receipt books
 Sign-in
 Parent Contact (Aug 27th)
 Core Values
 Field Trips
 Uniform
 Attendance Incentives (Jeans Fridays)
 Faculty Meetings
Kingsbury Lesson Plan
Objective (Plan 2, Teach 1)
Common Core Learning Standard(s) Addressed:
SPI(s) covered:
Learning Target(s): (What will students know & be able to do as a result of this/these
lesson(s)?) (Plan 1, Teach 1, 2, CLE 2)
Strategies to Teach each Objective: (What learning experiences will students engage in? How
will you use these learning experiences or their student products as formative assessment
opportunities?)(Teach 3, 4, 5, 7 , CLE 1,3)
Relevance/Rationale: (Why are the outcomes of this lesson important in the real world?
Why are these outcomes essential for future learning?)(Teach 3, CLE 1)
Criteria for Success: (How will you & your students know if they have successfully met the
outcomes? What specific criteria will be met in a successful product/process? What does
success on this lesson’s outcomes look like?) (Teach 6, Reflect 1, 2)
Lesson Reflection
(Reflect and Adjust 1, 2)
How did this lesson support 21st Century Skills?
Students demonstrating independence
Students building strong content knowledge
Students responding to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline
Students comprehending as well as critiquing
Student value evidence
Students use technology and digital media strategically and capably
Students understand other perspectives and cultures
How did this lesson reflect academic rigor?
Rigorous: High-level cognitive demands, asking students to demonstrate deep conceptual
understanding through the application of content knowledge and skills to new situations.
High-level cognitive demand includes reasoning, justification, synthesis, analysis, and problemsolving.
Lesson Plans
 Thinking Common Core
Make it the umbrella
All the SPI’s fall under one or more of the CCSS’s
Math = Math Standards
 RLA = LA Standards
 Sci/SS = LA Standards
 Timeline
Get today
Play with for next two weeks
Start using FT August 20th, with support in PLC’s
 Support
Wednesday PLC’s (vertical and whole group)
CCSS…what it looks like
The Teaching Channel
Inspired Teaching. Inspiring Classrooms.
 “What Fraction of the Shape is Red” VIDEO
 “Antiques Roadshow” VIDEO
Common Core…the new standard
 Our plan:
 Lesson Plan format change
 Giving opportunities for students to problem solve
 50/50 Fiction/Non-fiction texts in all subject areas
Books, Brain Pop, Magazines, Newspapers
Writing across the curriculum
Daily 5 – Read to self, Read to others, Listen to reading, Work
on Writing, Word Work (stay tuned…in PLC’s)
Weekly faculty meetings…2 focused on CCSS integration
Week 2 = Vertical Teams
 Week 3 = Common Core for All
Personal Reflection
“______ scares me,
______ excites me,
If I ______ then I know I’ll
be successful,
I’m making a promise to never
__________ .”
 Table groups…
 Share what “scares” you about CCSS
 Write that word or phrase on the balloon (5 mins)
 Whole group…
 Choose a representative to Share out all the words/phrases on
balloon (10 mins)
Letting go and Looking forward
 First Day ASSEMBLY! 7:1oam be in cafeteria with class role sheets
 Breakfast in the Classroom – day 1!
 Support Classes (W) – teachers help with registration and lunch
(M and T)
 Syncing watches – check with main office (lunch and
recess…herding cats)
 Maintenance Issues
 Cuts in staff and supplies
 New request forms
 Air control
 Paperwork – sign forms 
Final Countdown…67 Hours till students arrive!!!
 Enjoy the rest of the day in your rooms
 Bulletin Boards Ready 
All Day 1 Materials Prepped
 Building open till 4pm today
 Open again Saturday, 10am-2pm
 Representative Presentation
 Optional Insurance Plans
 Signature forms
 LUNCH! (on them)

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