3053 W. Franklin Blvd
Chicago, IL 60612
Hope Manor Apartments is one of the first large scale, supportive housing developments specifically designed for Veterans in the City of
Chicago that combines Low Income Housing Tax Credits with funding from the City of Chicago and the U.S. Department of Veterans
Affairs. Bringing these resources together in one project allows Hope Manor Apartments to serve the unique needs of today’s Veterans by
providing them with a broader and more flexible continuum of resources in one location. This model represents a new and innovative
approach to affordable housing by combining the focused, outcome-driven service intensity of transitional housing with the flexibility and
consistency of the Housing First Model which favors permanent, supportive housing.
Hope Manor Apartments, located at 3053 W. Franklin Boulevard will include: supportive housing for up to 50 homeless Veterans in need of
immediate and intensive services at the point of referral; and affordable housing for up to 30 Veterans requiring less intensive but longerterm housing and support. This 48,724 square foot, 4-story building will include 30 studio apartments; 10 two-bedroom suites and 10 threebedroom suites. The project will also include private, enclosed green space for residents and laundry facilities on every floor.
As the name implies, Hope Manor Apartments is about much more than simply providing housing for Veterans – the goal is to help
Veterans change and improve their lives over the long-term by promoting self-sufficiency, building new skills, creating strong support
networks and integrating Veterans more positively into community life. The first floor will include access to a wide range of supportive
services including: employment readiness classes, job training and coaching, computer training, a business resource center, a health and
wellness clinic, peer support groups, recovery resources, individual counseling and case management. Residents will also enjoy a large,
comfortable multi-purpose room to encourage a sense of fellowship among the residents and promote a highly supportive, peer-driven
culture which has proven to be extremely important and effective in programs serving Veterans.
Hope Manor Apartments was designed by architect Michael Jerabek of Worn Jerabek Architects to create a contemporary, vibrant and
healthy living environment in a building that also strives to help rebuild and reinvent the urban fabric of an under-developed Chicago
neighborhood. The exterior of the building will consist of a combination of brick masonry, cast stone and fiber cement board. Over 90% of
the exterior walls of the building will be clad in brick and cast stone. The form of the building has the traditional materials, scale and style of
a mixed-use Chicago building, with the bays helping to articulate the street-side façade and reinforce the building corner, doing so in a
contemporary expression.
The overriding design concept is to create a supportive housing development that serves the needs of Veterans, fosters a sense of
community and does so in the most environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner possible. Hope Manor Apartments is a high
performance building that will utilize numerous design techniques to reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution and
increase indoor air quality. Features such as materials with high-recycled content, high wall and window insulation values, very high
efficiency mechanical systems, solar-thermal hot water delivery, a green roof and interior materials with very low off-gassing and toxicity
will be employed. These features will combine to create an exceptional living environment for the residents. Also, with the extreme
emphasis on energy efficiency in insulation and mechanical systems, it is anticipated that utility bills will be much lower in comparison to
other similar buildings that do not employ the same level of design features.
Low Income Housing Tax Credits
VA Capital Grant
City of Chicago
ERP Funds - IHDA
Federal Home Loan Bank
IL Donation Credit
IL Energy Grant / DCEO
Donations / Other
$1,500,000 *
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
CHA: Project-based Sect 8 Vouchers
50 units
30 units
* The City of Chicago is also donating the entire parcel of land at 3053 W. Franklin for $1 to the project.
About the Sponsor
Volunteers of America is a private, national, not-for-profit, human service organization dedicated to helping
people in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential. Founded in 1896, Volunteers of America has
been a national leader in bringing lasting solutions to those most in need throughout the Country and is the
largest non-profit provider of affordable housing in the U.S.
Volunteers of America of Illinois is one of the oldest affiliates within the VOA national ministry of service
and has been serving people in Illinois for more than 113 years. Each year, VOA of IL serves more than
1000 people through a broad range of services specifically designed to strengthen families, promote safety
and well-being in children and empower individuals to transform their lives.
47 West Polk Street, Suite 250-2
Chicago, IL 60605

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