Boy*s & Girl*s Club

Boy’s & Girl’s Club
CHA Group
Jason Owusu, Middle College, Senior
Fely Sita, CSU East Bay, Post Baccalaureate
Victoria Quarshie, CSU East Bay, Post Baccalaureate
Jermelle Newman, CSU East Bay, Post Baccalaureate
Nneka Anyanwu, CSU East Bay, Post Baccalaureate
Gelila Mehari, Oakland Tech, Junior
Chase Goldberg, Oakland Tech, Sophomore
Soukeyna Seck, College of Alameda, Sophomore
Community Site
Liason: Scedric Jackson
Address: 920 24th Street. Oakland,
CA 94607
This site is a youth based
community center with a 99%
African American population
including kids ages 6-18 years old.
This center focuses on serving
underprivileged communities and
being a place that young kids can
go to after school for such services
as tutoring and mentoring.
This center keeps youth
encouraged and helps educate
them about making positive choices
while their young .
Community Service Project
• Two day presentation on the topic:
Personal Hygiene
• Four subtopics: Cleanliness,
Nutrition, Grooming, & Puberty
• Participants were in groups for part
of the presentation based on
• Audience was active in
presentation (powerpoint)
discussions (Puberty).
• Mini presentations by individual
groups on their nutrition icebreaker
• Question session was conducted
at the end to answer any questions
kids had submitted to the “question
What We Learned:
Our participants were open to discuss the topic at hand.
They were motivated to share their ideas.
The kids were familiar with most of the basic ideas of our topic.
We made connections with the kids.
We all got the opportunity to practice public speaking.
We were able to be involved in a community close to us.
• As a group, we worked well together as we
were open to each others’ ideas.
• This presentation gave us various
perspectives on how to work with other
• Everyone was able to contribute to the
• Our communication level could use some
• As a whole, we could have been more
assertive in completing our tasks.
We were able to work with various people in order to achieve a
common goal! It is important to focus on serving and
understanding our communities so that when we become
medical doctors, we are able to better serve the individuals we

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