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Relaxed is violet, like nothing’s on your mind,
It tastes like warm Christmas turkey, so bright it
makes you blind.
It smells like a nice place, where everything goes
your way.
It looks like candy land, there’s everywhere to stay.
It sounds like a kettle boiling, a warm cup of tea for
us to have (or maybe just me).
It feels like heaven, until you hear the door slam,
they’re back from school.
Welcome to the real world!
Sukai Jarra
Happiness is orange, oranges rolling down the
It tastes like sticky, toffee pudding with ice
It smells like a wonderful meadow.
It looks like Eden Hazard scoring a goal.
It sounds like a pop band singing a song.
It feels like soft grass.
Samuel Gunton
Happiness is blue like the calm sky.
It tastes like a cool, chocolate ice cream.
It smells like nice roses.
It looks like nice roses.
It sounds like calm waves coming across the sea.
It feels like the calm wind.
Maxwell Pascal-Murray
Happiness is like sunshine every day.
It tastes like candy dancing on my tongue.
It smells like a fresh, hand made cake that’s
still hot.
It looks like a flower skipping around.
It sounds like birds singing in the fresh air.
It feels like everything perfect.
Eve Green
Happiness is a lovely shade of blue, followed by
It tastes like strawberries in a coat of tingly
Happiness smells like the lovely cut grass of a
damp field.
Happiness looks like the tree on Christmas Eve.
It sounds like the lightest sound made by a harp.
It feels like you are not alone.
Leon Dumbarton
Courage is red like molten lava pouring from a
It tastes like dreaded hot chilli.
It smells like smoke.
It looks like liquid gold from the wealthiest man
on Earth.
It sounds like the echo of a crowd cheering you
It feels like victory.
Archie Orr
Fear is black like a grizzly bear’s cave!
It tastes like cold mushy peas.
It smells like dad’s old socks.
It looks like a dark alley where fights take place!
It feels like you’re with the deadliest animals in
the UK.
Amy Jordan
Happiness is like the golden sunshine.
It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.
It smells like a sweet red rose.
It looks like children sharing and playing
It sounds like lovely laughter.
It feels like a baby’s soft skin.
Sophie Hazard
Fear is black like a murderer’s cape.
It tastes like pork chops.
It smells like a skunk.
It sounds like blood dripping on smooth concrete.
It feels like you’re lost in the middle of a graveyard
at midnight.
Eloise Moore
Guilt is a wave used by many people and is like a
thundering tornado.
It tastes like soggy berries melting in your mouth.
It smells like fuming black smoke.
It looks like a deep, black hole.
It sounds like children scream.
It feels like the world has ended.
Max Griggs
Relaxed is white like glittering snowflakes.
It tastes like vanilla ice cream.
It smells like hairy coconuts and flowers.
It looks like a warm, tropical Caribbean beach.
It sounds like calm waves hitting the shore.
It feels like you’re sunbathing on golden, soft
Lucy Smith
Surprise is as blue as the sky.
It tastes like a hot chocolate pudding.
It smells like a warm cup of tea.
It looks like a birthday party.
It sounds like people dancing in the night.
It feels like a hot holiday.
Lewis Dobbs
Embarrassment is red like a tomato.
It tastes like a bowl of butterflies in your tummy.
It smells like mouldy bread.
It looks like fire in your eyes.
It sounds like glass smashing against the ground.
It feels like everyone is laughing at you.
Kelsey Smith
Mesmerised is gold like a treasure chest.
It tastes like a chocolate cake topped with
strawberry jam.
It smells like fizzy cola bottles.
It looks like Xmas morning.
It sounds like the thick jungle.
It feels like a cat’s back.
Ben Britton
Brave is like burning hot fire.
It tastes like a spicy, blood coloured, red
chilli, that is very hot.
It looks like a brown volcano which is about to
erupt, but suddenly, BOOM!
It sounds like an EARTHQUAKE!
It feels like the Earth has a very high
It smells like a smelly cave of dead pigeons.
Shreyas Nandanavanam
Shock is white like a blank mind.
It tastes like mouldy mashed potato, burnt to a
It smells like fire crackling away.
It sounds like a gasp which takes your breath
It feels like a rough, dragon scale.
Lily Brooks
Fear is like a scary, black cloud following you.
It tastes like cold food, that’s raw.
It smells like smelly smoke.
It looks like a pitch black room.
It sounds like loud bangs.
It feels like no one is around you.
Chloe Chamberlain
Happiness is pure, just like a juicy plum.
It tastes like a delicious, melting marshmallow.
It smells like a new perfume.
It looks like a new, bright street.
It sounds like a beautiful bird, tweeting.
It feels like the warmth of a fire.
Rachel Coe
Anger is red like a burning, hot fire.
It tastes like a spicy, hot chilli.
It smells like coal and burning wood.
It looks like a burning down street.
It sounds like very loud cackling.
It feels like your head’s going to blow up.
Daniel Tiley
Fear is as dark as the night sky.
It tastes like bones.
It smells like fire and smoke in the night sky.
It looks like a skeleton.
It sounds like a scream.
It feels like you are alone.
Nicholas Tjepkema
Terrified is a red scary colour, that will haunt
It tastes like food that’s making your heart rot.
It looks like someone’s being torched.
It sounds like a monster eating someone.
It feels like your heart is jumping out of your
Lily Phillips-White
Depressed is plain grey, like a pair of stinky
It tastes like old mouldy cheese.
It smells like mud and damp.
It looks like rubbish, scrunched up into a ball.
It sounds like air blowing at your ears.
It feels like your brain is absolutely full of dust
and emptiness.
Lauren Warwick
Embarrassment is a bright, blushy pink.
It tastes like warm custard.
It smells like flaming fire.
It looks like a mushroom cloud.
It sounds like heavy breathing.
It feels like you’re in a field of hyenas.
Torin Brooks
Petrified is a burgundy colour, just like blood.
It tastes like spinach.
It smells like rotting bones.
It looks like a dying cat.
It sounds like a heartbeat.
It feels like you’ve been stabbed in the back.
Torin Brooks
Excitement is like bright red roses, in a big field.
It tastes like nice, spicy curry.
It smells like really nice soup.
It looks like a nice, hot chocolate.
It sounds like people singing.
It feels like a lovely massage.
George Cook
Exhausted is blue like there is no breath inside
It smells like when you haven’t brushed your teeth
in the morning.
It looks like a dried up, wrinkly raisin.
It sounds like your heart is beating outside your
It feels like there is no breath in your body.
Harvey Cosens
Happiness is the colour yellow, like the sun.
It tastes like chalk.
It smells like hot waffles.
It sounds like children laughing.
It feels amazing.
Ben Goodman
Fear is black, light night in a room.
It tastes like an apple with maggots.
It looks like the dark alleyway of doom.
It sounds like the screech of a racing
It feels like dripping blood.
Jamie Cook
• Peace is like a shimmering, shiny, golden
temple in a dream world.
• It tastes like yummy candyfloss, on a hot
summer’s day.
• It looks like a beautiful, misty castle.
• It sounds like a lovely bird.
• It feels like angels making me secure.
• Isaac Amponsah
Fear is dull and black, like a dark shed.
It tastes like stale, sponge cake.
It smells like damp soil out of the ground.
It looks like a 60 year old abandoned house.
It sounds like a lonely voice inside your head.
It feels like you’ve got an awful cold.
Luke Taylor

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