`re-direction and follow-up` patient journey in a presentation

NHS e-Referral Service
Redirection and Follow-up
Patient and User Journey: The Vision …….
Patient sees GP
Marianne attends an appointment
with her GP, having suffered for six
months with a burning sensation at
the back of her throat when she
goes to bed. This has not responded
to treatment with antacid
Redirection and Follow-up
GP refers patient
Dr Gilden feels it’s time to seek a
gastroenterology opinion. He
discusses the referral with Marianne
who books an outpatient
appointment with the information
Redirection and Follow-up
Consultant redirects referral
Dr Blackfoot, the gastroenterologist,
reviews the referral and decides
Marianne should have a gastroscopy
instead of an outpatient
appointment. He therefore redirects
the referral to the appropriate
diagnostic service.
Redirection and Follow-up
Hospital contacts patient
Nora, the appointments
clerk, sees the referral on
her worklist. She notes Dr
Blackfoot’s instructions to
redirect the referral and
using the demographic
details available, contacts
Marianne to arrange the
Redirection and Follow-up
Patient attends appointment
Marianne has the gastroscopy,
which shows moderate
Redirection and Follow-up
Consultant authorises follow-up
Dr Blackfoot gives Marianne her
results, adding that he will send a
report to her GP (via the NHS
e-Referral Service), which will
recommend a course of treatment.
He also provides instructions on
how she can book an online followup appointment in his clinic in
three months.
Redirection and Follow-up
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