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GW Hammer Series
What is a GW Hammer?
The GW series of DTH hammers
from Halco Rock Tools offer
breakthrough performance in the
world’s most challenging Geothermal
and Waterwell applications. Available
in 4”, 5” and 6”, the GW hammers
benefit from a robust non ported
piston design which dramatically
improves piston performance when
drilling under a column of water.
A built in choke facility allows the
driller to adjust the volume of air
through the hammer to optimise
cuttings evacuation to even further
optimise drilling performance.
GW500 and GW600 hammers are
fitted with a reversible cylinder to
maximise operating life and are
suitable for operation at air pressures
up to 30 bar (435 psi). The innovative
design leads to outstanding rates of
penetration, durability and service
GW Hammer Range
Environments GW Hammers are being use
GW hammers have been used in challenging
conditions around the globe:
Scandinavia- The GW400 & GW500 are
extensively used whilst drilling both Waterwell
and Geothermal bore holes. In Siljansringens,
Sweden the GW400 has drilled over 1000mtrs,
water was present from 50mts onwards.
America- The GW500 is being used for Geo
Thermal bore holes in Wisconsin, Maryland, and
Kentucky. The GW600 is being used for Geo
Thermal in the Washington DC area and also for
Waterwell and quarrying in the Mid West US and
South East US
Australia- The GW400 is currently being used
for coal exploration as drillers have hit back
pressure due to water being present. The GW500
& GW600 are being used for Waterwell and Deep
Hole drilling.
Canada- The GW600 is being used in mining for
When would I use a GW Hammer?
• The GW series has been designed to drill deep Waterwell and
Geothermal bore holes, without slowing down drilling time. Our GW
hammers have also been used for drill and blast applications
around the world. The GW series offers great results for all
applications whatever you’re drilling needs are where water is
present. The GW series will continue to deliver for you, it can drill a
large range of hole sizes stretching from 110mm up to 241mm.
• We recommend using the GW500/ GW600 HD when drilling into
very abrasive rock, usually for drill and blast applications in mining.
• Through a rigorous and challenging testing phase, we ensure that
our products are able to outperform in the world’s most demanding
drilling conditions. Whilst conducting tests, GW600 hammer drilled
to a depth of 460Ft, 20% more efficiently than a competitor hammer
in abrasive ground conditions. The tests were carried out on a
Drilltech T25KW drill rig running at 1000 cfm/ 350psi.
Benefits of a GW Hammer Include…
Visit Report- Siljansringens
Visit Report- Siljansringens
Photo showing how much
water present at 56mtrs
drilled depth
DTH Comparison
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