What is a Charter School?

Our mission is to provide education that prepares
the diverse adult immigrant population of
Washington, DC to become invested, productive
citizens and members of American society who
give back to family and community.
The school accomplishes this through excellence in
teaching and learning in partnership with the
community and by fostering a safe and
compassionate learning environment.
Began in 1970 as the community
based organization, PEILA.
Named a national model for adult
education by the US Department of
The Phoenix Rising: Closed in 1996,
reestablished in 1997
Became the first adult ed charter
school in the nation in 1998.
Served over 60,000 immigrants over its
42 years of operation.
• Publically funded autonomous school, which has
greater autonomy in exchange for greater
• Federal charter school law passed in 1992
• Each state elects whether to adopt a state level law to
allow charter schools
District of Columbia School Reform Act
DC ST § 38-1802.04
(14) Program of education. -- A public charter school shall
provide a program of education which shall include one or more
of the following:
(A) Preschool;
(B) Prekindergarten;
(C) Any grade or grades from kindergarten through
grade 12;
(D) Residential education; or
(E) Adult, community, continuing, and vocational
education programs.
• Charter authorizer
– Evaluates charter school applications
– Awards and negotiates charter contract
• (15 year contract in DC)
– Monitors performance of charters
– Can revoke the contract
• Corporate Structure
– 501 (c)(3) with Board of Trustees
• Funding of Charters in DC
– Per-pupil allocation
– Adult ed charter receive a fraction
– Funding based on enrollment
– Enrollment audit
– Must not dip below funded enrollment level
• Annual Financial audits and reviews
• Annual Enrollment audit
• Compliance reporting (adherence to DC laws governing education &
• Reporting on attendance, retention, suspensions
• Reporting on immunizations compliance
• Accreditation required (in DC)
• Regular In-depth Compliance & Performance Reviews
– Student Achievement, Performance on Accountability Plans,
– Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, Climate, Governance,
Financial Management, Compliance with applicable laws and regs
• High stakes reviews (5, 10, 15 year mark)
• 43% of public school children in DC
• The first DC charter schools enrolled 160 kids in
• Today over 35,000 students enrolled in over 100
• Seven (7) adult education charter schools
– Booker T. Washington PCS
– Community College PCS
– Education Strengthens Families PCS
– LAYC Career Academy PCS
– LAYC Youth Build PCS
– Next Step PCS
Multiple reviews
Student Achievement/Performance posted publically
Risk of closure for lack of performance
Funding tied to audited enrollment levels
Choose own curriculum, assessments
Hire own staff (compared to traditional public)
If a program strategy is not working, can turn on a
• Responsible for finding, developing, maintaining own
• Relatively consistent, reliable annual funding
Currently serving 2,200 diverse students through a holistic,
three pronged model:
Foundational Skills and Literacy
Workforce Development Training
Comprehensive Supportive Service
Basic Literacy
Content ESL; Health, Citizenship, ESL for Families,
Computer Literacy
Culinary Arts
Computer Support Specialist (CSS)
Nurse Aide Training
2005 - Accredited by the
Middle States Commission
2009 – DC Public Charter
School Board found Carlos
Rosario as “exemplary” in all
areas in the high stakes fifth
year review
5% 1% 1%
Asian/Pacific Islander
Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)
Most staff and faculty members are bilingual and speak
languages including Spanish, Amharic, Mandarin,
Vietnamese, and French.
Holistic Approach
Demand-driven Programs
Corporate Advisory Committees
Highly Qualified Staff and Faculty
Commitment to Excellence
Matching scholarship
The Walmart Community
Foundation Washington @
Work Initiative supports
Carlos Rosario to provide
Washington, DC residents
with the skills and training
needed to secure
employment in highdemand industries
Culinary Arts
Nurse Aide Training
Computer Support
Specialist Program
Customer Service
Overview of Food
Service Industry
Basic Cooking
Sanitation and
Food Presentation
and Garnish
Menu Planning
Table Services
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Communication
Instructional Hours: 110 hours
Simulation Lab: 62 hours
Practicum: 90 hours
Employability skills, field trips
Practice Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) tests
• CSS 100-trains students to
become A+ Certified
• CSS 200-trains students to
become Microsoft
Certified Technology
Specialist (MCTS)
Internationally recognized credentials
•Individual Counseling
•Job Counseling / Job Placement
•Job Readiness Workshops
•Financial Aid Assistance
• Life Skills Workshops
•Vocational Counseling
•Volunteer Services / Recruitment
•Child Care and Health Referrals
•Extra Curricular Activities
•Student Government
•Fundraising for Scholarships
• Report Card:
Accountability Plan Student
Performance Report Card
• Pilot Performance Management
Framework (PMF)
Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
New Pilot PMF Informational Chart
Student Progress
Educational Gain
Student Achievement
Obtain Secondary Credential
2012-2013 Targets
Spanish GED 100 &
200 students
GED 1 year grade level improvement on Supera
Official GED Test
Highly proficient:70%
ESL: 1 EFL improvement during school year
Proficient: 60-69%
a) Entered Employment: learners who enter program
without a job, who then obtain a job after they exit
the program.
Exiting students from
all programs (ESL,
GED, Workforce).
“Exit” includes
b)Retained Employment: learners who either enter
students who are
the program with a job, or obtain a job after exit, and dropped without the
remain employed in the 3rd quarter after program
condition of “noexit.
show drop”.
Survey and data
collection protocol in
b)Highly proficient:60%
Proficient: 50-59%
Not proficient: less than 50%
c)Highly proficient:73%
Proficient: 63-72%
Not proficient: less than 63%
c)Entered Postsecondary: Students with a GED or HS
diploma who successfully transition to occupational
courses/or college from the adult education program.
Leading Indicators
Mission Specific
Not proficient: less than 60%
a)Highly proficient:68%
Proficient: 58-67%
Not proficient: less than 57%
a)Attendance: participants attend classes regularly
Attendance: Average
daily attendance
shown as a
b)Participants remain in the program long enough to
receive pre-post assessments to measure learning
Percentage of
program participants
with both pre and
posttest (regardless of
School SIS will provide
the statistic.
a)Highly proficient:69%
Proficient: 60-68%
Not proficient: less than 60%
b)Highly proficient:65%
Proficient: 55-64%
Not proficient: less than 55%
• Developing New Facility: Approx. 50,000 SF in NE DC,
near the Rhode Island Metro Station.
• Curriculum Upgrade: Aligning to DC region industry
growth and student’s needs.
• New University Partnership: Provide seamless transition
into dual language degree for Culinary Arts grads.
• Carlos Rosario Educational Foundation
•Sonia Gutierrez’s 40th Legacy Campaign
•Expansion and replication of the school’s model
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it;
if you can dream it, you can become it.
- William Arthur Ward
Website: www.carlosrosario.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarlosRosarioSchool
Twitter: @cr_school
Sonia Gutierrez, President and Founder
[email protected]
Allison R. Kokkoros, Chief Academic Officer
[email protected]
Ryan Monroe, Principal
[email protected]
Patricio Sanchez, Director of Accountability
[email protected]

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