Financial Opportunity Center Volunteers of America, Texas serves

Volunteers of America, Texas a faith based, non-profit organization
dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities reach
their full spiritual, emotional and physical potential and well-being
through though a vast array of services that target the elderly, the
intellectually disabled, those striving to overcome substance abuse,
and those transitioning form correctional centers.
Financial Opportunity Center
Volunteers of America, Texas serves the residents of the
Independence Heights neighborhood, a LISC Sustainable
Community and the clients of VOA , through the VOA Financial
Opportunity Center (FOC) at the Yale Street Empowerment Center.
Financial Opportunity Center
The FOC is a one-stop bundled service,
neighborhood-based facility that provides:
 Screening for public benefits eligibility
 Employment services,
 Job skills training,
 Financial counseling,
 Fairly priced financial products
 Job Readiness Workshops
 Financial literacy workshops.
Financial Opportunity Center
The FOC helps families become more
financially secure in three critical areas:
Increased wages,
Improved finances
Access to public benefits
FOC Bundled Services
• Income Support - assess clients with eligibility for public benefits such as
food stamp, Gold Card and FASFA enrollment.
• Employment Service - job placement, job retention, re-placement and
career advancement assistance. Job Readiness Workshops Computer Literacy
• Financial Coaching - one to one financial counseling including fairlypriced financial products and services through FOC partner banks and credit
• Workshops - Job Readiness, Financial Literacy, Computer Literacy and
Microsoft Office Computer Classes.
• Job Skills Training - Optical Technician, Forklift Operator and CDL
Class B License
FOC Job Skills for Employment
FOC provides job skills to help clients with
placement for employment.
• Optical Technician - Through the partnership with Visual Compassion
- In Focus University training is provided for FOC clients interested in a
variety of optical skills including, retail, technician and lab. (5 Week Class)
Forklift Operator – From Forklift Services, LLC the FOC provides
forklift operator classes. The class is three hours and upon completion the
client will receive operators and OSHA certificates good for three years.
• CDL Class B License - Through CDL Express the FOC provides
training for the Class B License. The class has a three hour video prep
course with written materials for permit test, driving time and will provide
truck for license road test.
Initial client phone call, walk-in’s or
referral from VOA substance
abuse/housing or THRIVE
Flow Chart Key
Orientation (2 hour)
and Interview by each:
Income Support Coach
Employment Coach
Financial Coach
Appt with
abuse intake
or other VOA
= Employment Service
= Financial Service
= Income Support Service
= Group Activity
Job Readiness &
Financial Literacy
(4 days)
= Ongoing Service
= Mandatory Next Step
= Optional Next Step
= Appointment / Visit
Employment Coach
= What participant came for
Financial Coach
Baseline Budget
Job Skill
Financial Coach
Financial Opportunity Center
Year 2012
Clients completing job skills - 121
Vision Tech Level 1 – 20
Vision Tech Level 2 - 7
FORKLIFT Certifications with OSHA Card good for 3 years - 72
Class B CDL License – 12
Hair Braiding Certification – 11
Certified Nurses Aid (CNA) - 6
Clients job placement – 89
Income support – clients working on one benefit – 107
Clients receiving Financial Coaching – 114
Clients with improved credit scores - 42

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