Multicultural Educational Programs
College Connections for Student Success Conference
Stone Mountain, Georgia
February 18-19, 2014
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Member of the University System of Georgia
Located in Tifton, GA
Founded in 1908
More than 3,000 students
Degrees Offered
ABAC offers both Bachelor and Associate Degrees
• Programs of Study
Multicultural Educational Programs
AAMI- African American Male Initiative
CAMP- College Assistance Migrant Program
HEP- High School Equivalency Program
Hispanic/Latino Scholarships Program Goizueta
Migrant Education Program Consortium
Our mission and passion are to be effective
advocates for the academic success and
personal growth among underrepresented
students and foster diversity on campus and
the community.
• African-American Male Initiative (AAMI)
AAMI is a University System of Georgia initiative
designed to increase the recruitment, retention,
and graduation of African-American males within
the System through strategic interventions.
• Leaders Evolving and Developing (LEAD) targets
first generation African American male students,
promoting a successful transition to college life.
• Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB)
provides participants an opportunity to create a
positive peer community through personal
growth activities and service learning projects.
• 46 active participants
• Contact: Terence Turner, Program Coordinator
[email protected] or 229-391-4943
College Assistance Migrant Program
The CAMP program at ABAC was established
in 1999. The College Assistance Migrant
Program (CAMP) is funded by the U.S.
Department of Migrant Education which
assists students who are migratory or
seasonal farmworkers (or children of such
workers) enrolled in their first year of
undergraduate studies at an IHE. The
funding supports completion of the first
year of studies. Competitive five-year
grants for CAMP projects are made to
IHEs or to nonprofit private agencies that
cooperate with such institutions. The
program serves approximately 2,000
CAMP participants annually.
CAMP Requirements
• U.S. citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident
• Must be a migrant or seasonal farm-worker or a
dependent of one
• Must be eligible for federal financial aid
• Must meet all the requirements for ABAC, which include:
– A completed application and a non-refundable
application fee
– A high school transcript and/or GED scores
– SAT or ACT score
– A certification of immunization and a report of
medical history
Supportive and Instructional
Career/Academic/Personal Counseling
Computer Lab/Access
Educational and Cultural Trips
Health Services
Mentoring or Coaching
Skill Enhancement Workshops
Transfer Assistance
Financial Services
Books and Supplies
Room and Board
Tuition and Fees
Student Tracking and Follow Up
Book Loan Program
Financial Aid
Resume Development
Scholarship Essay
Gustavo Tovar,
CAMP Recruiter
Office (229) 391-4884
Cell (229) 402-1905
[email protected]
What is HEP?
HEP is the High School Equivalency Program. It is an
educational program at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural
College (ABAC) in Tifton, Georgia.
Our Mission
• To assist migrant and seasonal farm workers
obtain their High School Equivalency Diploma
(GED) and subsequently gain employment, enter
post-secondary education or join the military
HEP Offers
• A scholarship that will pay for instruction,
testing fees, books, supplies, educational and
cultural workshops, job career planning, work
and life skills in English or Spanish.
• Participants may qualify for room and board,
if staying on the ABAC campus and they may
also qualify for a small monetary award of
$200.00 after completing their GED.
HEP Admission Requirements
• Be a seasonal agricultural worker for at least
75 days in the past 24 months, or be child,
parent, or spouse of one
– Qualifying Agricultural Activities include:
Planting and harvesting vegetables, fruits, and
trees; work in the chicken houses, livestock, fish
• Not having the equivalent of a high school
diploma in the United States
HEP Admission Requirements
• Be at least 18 years-old – on campus, 16 offcampus
• Have an official government identification like
a passport, consular identification or driver’s
• Must pass the academic evaluation exam
which indicates level for readiness to begin
Things to Consider
• HEP provides a scholarship, therefore, it will
require submission of all necessary paperwork
to evaluate the application for admission on
• An accepted candidate must attend a 7-hour
orientation session, prior to beginning class. If
missed, the student will be considered for the
following session.
• Next Orientation: August 9, 2014
Contact Information
Esthela Lopez, HEP Recruiter
[email protected]
Olga Contreras, Associate Director
[email protected]
Toll free 1-888-244-9096
Hispanic/Latino Scholarships Program
The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund
The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund Scholarship will support the cost of an
academic year which includes unfunded tuition, fees, books, and other
expenses related to the cost of education to the extent available funds allow.
Deadline to apply: March 1st
• Submit completed application
• Be of Hispanic/Latino Descent
• Reside in the United States
• Apply and be accepted to ABAC
• Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above
• Demonstrate financial need
• Take the ACT and or SAT
• Residency status is not considered for this scholarship
The Goizueta Foundation Need-Based Scholarship
The Goizueta Foundation Need-Based Scholarship will assist with the costs
during an academic year which includes unfunded tuition, fees, books, and
other expenses related to the cost of education.
Deadline to apply: May 15
• Submit completed application
• Be of Hispanic/Latino Descent
• Reside in the United States
• Apply and be accepted to ABAC
• Grade Point Average of 2.5 or above
• Demonstrate financial need
• Residency status is not considered for this scholarship
Once Awarded
Student must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA and be enrolled for at least 12
credit hours throughout the semester
Score no less than a letter grade of "C" or better in registered classwork in
order to be eligible for scholarship renewal
Perform a minimum of 10 hours of community service
Receive a minimum of 25 hours of academic tutoring
Meet with Academic Advisor at least once a month
Award amounts vary depending on need.
Scholarships are renewable but not guaranteed.
Maximum of 3 years for Associates Degree and 5 years for Bachelor Degree.
Alma Young, Academic Advisor
[email protected]
What is the Migrant Education Program? (MEP)
• A federal program that provides supplemental
educational services to eligible migrant children and
youth (Title I, Part C, of No Child Left Behind Act/ESEA).
(ESOL is Title III).
• Services designed to help reduce the educational
disruptions and address challenges that result from
repeated moves.
In FY14 -The
Consortium will
serve 108 Local
Agencies and
more the 500
Migrant children.
Migrant Education Program Staff
What makes a child or youth eligible?
• The child/youth must have moved within the past 3 years
across state or school district lines
• And the child’s guardian or parent must have moved in
order to obtain work in a qualifying agricultural or fishing
activity (youth may move on their own).
• The child/youth must be:
- Younger than 22 and
- Has not graduated from high school or earned a
General Education Diploma (GED).
Key Elements of the MEP Consortium
• Identification and Recruitment
(ID&R) of Eligible Migrant
• Identification of Priority for
Service Students (PFS) Who
Are Most At-Risk by Formula
• Development of the
Consortium Migrant Education
Comprehensive Needs
Assessment (CNA)
• Consortium Parent Advisory
• Increase Opportunities for
Migrant Parent Involvement
• Create Implementation Plans
for Service
• Collaborative Academic and
Social Service Provision
• Decrease the Academic
Achievement Gap Between
Migrant Students and their
• Monitor Student Progress
• Liaison between Migrant
Family, School, and
Migrant Education Program Educational Services
(State, Regional and Local)
• Early childhood development (preschool instruction)
• K-12 Supplemental instruction/tutoring
• Educational summer programs targeting middle & high school
students (Georgia MEP Summer Leadership Programs, 4-H Summer
• Local migrant after-school or summer school (may include preschool,
academic and/or enrichment programs)
• Referrals to ABAC HEP/CAMP programs
(High School Equivalency Program/College Assistance Migrant Program)
MEP Summer Leadership Academy
Contact Information
• Israel Cortez- GaDOE MEP
Consortium Liaison
[email protected]
• Jackie Rose- ABAC
Consortium Coordinator
[email protected]
• Roy Alejandro- ABAC MEP
Program Specialist
[email protected]
• Thalia Escobedo- ABAC MEP
Program Specialist
[email protected]
• Sarah Junco- ABAC MEP
Program Specialist
[email protected]
• Rita Merrifield- ABAC MEP
Program Specialist
[email protected]
• Lissette Badillo- ABAC MEP
Program Specialist
[email protected]
For More Information
• Contact Javier Gonzalez, Director of the
Multicultural Educational Programs at ABAC
229-391-4880 or [email protected]

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