College Navigator - National College Transition Network

The College Navigator: Enhancing
Support for Adult Students.
Zeida Santos-Boston Private Industry Council
[email protected]
Justice Kumahia- Bunker Hill Community College
[email protected]
Nicole Hart-Year Up
[email protected]
Danielle Asselin-Jewish Vocational Service
[email protected]
 The SkillWorks initiative, supported through a collaboration
of public and private funders, is designed to substantially
improve workforce development services for both
disadvantaged job and skill seekers, and for businesses in
the City of Boston. Among SkillWorks partnerships are:
 Healthcare Training Institute (HTI)
Lead Agency: JVS
 Hotel Training Center (HTC)
Lead Agency: BEST Corp (Boston Education, Skills & Training
 Year Up Financial Services Partnership
Lead Agency: Year Up
Boston Private Industry Council
The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC)
 Serves as Boston's workforce investment board and
its school-to-career intermediary.
 The mission of the PIC is to strengthen Boston's
communities and its workforce by connecting youth
and adults with education and employment
opportunities that prepare them to meet the skill
demands of employers.
Bunker Hill Community College
BHCC’s Initiatives with Community Based Organizations (CBOS)
BHCC values success by modeling successful college initiatives: collaborating
with public and private sectors such as Boston Private Industry Council, Year
Up, Skills Works, Jewish Vocational Services and other interest groups to
promote student development among all student populations.
Collaborations with CBOs fosters a dynamic educational environment that is
accessible and that is invested in the social and economic wellbeing of our
Collaborate with CBOs and respect the value that each student brings to
the College by helping to celebrate learning as an interactive and
reciprocal process.
These partnerships support student-centered learning and draw upon the
rich diversity of our students’ life experiences by using strategies and
technologies to maximize opportunities for reaching educational goals.
Partnerships-Year Up
Professional training program for urban young adults age 18-24;
combination of soft skills training & technical skills in either IT or Finance
6 months of intensive coursework followed by 6 month internship
Students earn 18 college credits and a modest weekly stipend
84 % of graduates attain full-time employment or school within 4 months of
graduation from the program
300 students served annually in Boston, with 1400 alumni
National organization with 9 sites across the country
Collaborate with Boston-area hospitals, human service agencies, colleges
and CBOs to address workforce development needs
Develop and deliver workforce development pipeline of services to preemployment and entry level employees that enable them to get jobs and
grow their careers
Upgrade employee skills and credentials through post-secondary education
Enrolled over 400 clients from January, 2009 to today. Of those:
Over 130 clients enrolled in a post-secondary program
Over 45 clients receive a post-secondary degree or certificate
Over 70 clients receive a skilled credential (Microsoft Word, CNA, etc.)
1. Assist SkillWorks participants, mostly working
adults, who are pursuing and/or engaged in postsecondary certificates and degrees at Bunker Hill
Community College (BHCC).
2. Help students with application, financial aid,
transcripts, and career planning.
3. Help students access campus and off campus
4. Collaborate with SkillWorks partnerships.
Total # of
Participants with
some previous
college experience
Needed to transfer Attended more than 1
Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
22 participants
21 continued
32 continued
1 withdrew
2 withdrew
15 new participants
2 deferred
15 new participants
47 participants
2 withdrew
Spring 2013
4 new
Total: 51
Navigator Challenges: As a college coach, what
are some common challenges you encounter? (if you
are not a coach, hypothesize)
Student Barriers: What sorts of barriers are most
common for the adult students you work with when it
comes to college enrollment and retention?
Navigator’s Challenges
Students make decisions without asking you.
Students are working and have little time to meet.
Some students are working and trying to find a job
at the same time.
Students move to another city.
Students change their phone numbers.
Common Barriers for Students
Choosing a major
College Placement Test (CPT)
Asking questions/Self-advocacy
Negotiating with employers
Common Barriers for Students
Finding information & resources on campus
Choosing courses
Time management
Financial constraints
Securing employment to help fund school
Achievements & Highlights
Forming relationships with key personnel on campus
Retention (Fall-Spring-Fall)
Increased familiarity with campus (& vice versa)
Can anticipate students’ questions and find answers
Participants increasingly take responsibility for their
own decision-making
Take Aways for College Navigators
Be open to learning constantly
Being on campus is key
Evening and weekend hours
Connect with key personnel on campus
 Department
 Advising
 Admissions
 Financial
Bunker Hill Community College
Having a navigator on campus
Builds and strengthens relationships between CBOs and
Provides participants with a direct and personal point of
Help students to overcome barriers that might hinder
student success. i.e.. (first time college students,
international students, students who are parents, etc.)
Serve as a source of motivation and encouragement to
students who might doubt their abilities or flounder
Partnership Advantages
voice on campus - liaison with faculty and staff
 Workshops-to help explain topics like the enrollment
process and researching programs
 Tours of the campus
 Quick answers to questions
 Best practices
Partnership Advantages
trusted referral and advocate for program
participants attending Bunker Hill
 Someone to help connect the dots between
 An on-campus resource with knowledge of college
 Filled in a gap in services
 Short- and long-term career planning

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