Migration Information: International Student Graduates of CDU

Migration Information
International Student Graduates of CDU
Mary Martin
Richard Foo
Sue Little
Chamila Somaratne
Australia’s immigration system
General Skilled Migration (GSM) and Northern Territory
Government Nomination
Graduate Skilled Visa (Subclass 485) and the new Temporary
Graduate Visa Streams
Employer Sponsored work visas and migration options
Who is in charge of Immigration?
The Commonwealth
Government makes laws
affecting the whole of
Australia e.g. money,
quarantine, defence and
State governments influence
migration policy & facilitate
migration by participating in
state specific and regional
migration programs.
General Skilled Migration
Northern Territory Nomination
General Skilled Migration & NT Nomination
Three GSM visa subclasses:
 189 (Skilled Independent)
 190 (Skilled Nominated) (mandatory State/Territory nomination)
 489 (Skilled Regional Nominated Provisional) (mandatory
State/Territory nomination)
Applicants with a skills assessment for an occupation on the:
Skilled Occupation List (Schedule 1) can apply for the Skilled
Independent Subclass 189 visa
Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (Schedules 1 & 2) can apply
for Subclasses 190 and 489 visas.
General Skilled Migration
GSM visas application process
must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Department of
Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) SkillSelect database
For SC190 and SC489 visas must apply for NT nomination
Receive an invitation to apply for a visa. You cannot lodge a visa application
until you receive an invitation from DIBP.
DIBP gives state/territory government nominated applicants the 2nd
highest priority for visa processing.
Applicants nominated by a state/territory government receive an invitation
from DIBP to lodge their visa application as soon as they are nominated.
General Skilled Migration
NT Government (Department of Business) nomination applicants must
• relevant DIBP criteria for the visa subclass and
• Northern Territory’s criteria for nomination
The NT nominates applicants for occupations on its State Migration
However applicants in occupations not on the plan may also apply if
they meet certain criteria.
Northern Territory State Migration Plan (SMP)
Indicates how many applicants the NT can nominate and in which
DIBP allocates visa places/nominations to state and territory
The NT has approximately 600 primary places for GSM visas in
Occupations on the Northern Territory SMP are:
• reviewed with DIBP every six months
• revised in line with the release of the Northern Territory Skilled
Occupation Priority Shortage List (next version March 2014)
Occupations not on the SMP
The NT can still nominate for SC190 and SC489 visas where the
occupation is NOT on the SMP.
To be eligible for an “off-list” nomination an applicant’s occupation:
must be on the CSOL
must be in shortage or the applicant working in the occupation
in the NT
Especially for CDU Student Graduates
The NT nominates eligible students who have:
• successfully completed a qualification as the result of two years
full-time study at a Northern Territory campus of CDU
• a positive skills assessment, meet any registration/licensing
requirements for their occupation and meet the DIBP criteria for
the visa which they are applying
CDU student applicants seeking “off-list” nominations are required to
show they have good employment prospects in the NT.
All applicants sponsored by the Northern Territory must give an
undertaking to live and work in the NT for no less than two years
from when their visa is granted.
SkillSelect Occupational Ceilings
The occupations subject to number limitations in 2013-14 are :
233111 Chemical Engineer
261111 ICT Business Analyst
233112 Materials Engineer
261112 Systems Analyst
233411 Electronics Engineer
261311 Analyst Programmer
233911 Aeronautical Engineer
261312 Developer Programmer
233912 Agricultural Engineer
263311 Telecommunications Engineer
233913 Biomedical Engineer
263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer
233914 Engineering Technologist
261313 Software Engineer
233915 Environmental Engineer
261314 Software Tester
233999 Engineering Professionals nec
261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec
233916 Naval Architect (Aus) / Marine Designer (NZ)
Skilled Nominated (SC190) or Skilled Regional
Nominated (Provisional) (SC489) visa applicants must:
Have a positive skills assessment by the relevant assessment body
for an eligible occupation.
NOT hold a Bridging visa D, E or F; Criminal Justice visa; or an
Enforcement visa.
Have an IELTS score of no less than 6 on each of the four bands.
Achieve at least 60 points on the GSM Points Test.
Be nominated by a state/territory government and receive an invitation
from DIBP to lodge their visa application .
Be under 50 years of age at the time they are invited to lodge their
visa application.
Competent English - IELTS 6* / OET B
English language* or equivalent
standard in a specified test)
Proficient English - IELTS 7* / OET B
Superior English - IELTS 8* / OET A
Australian or overseas skilled
work experience in a nominated
skilled occupation or a closely
related skilled occupation in the
past 10 years.
At least one year in Australia (of past 10 years)
Note: Maximum points that can
be awarded for any combination
of Australian or overseas skilled
employment is 20 points
At least three years in Australia (of past 10 years)
At least five years in Australia (of past 10 years)
At least eight years in Australia (of past 10 years)
At least three years overseas (of past 10 years)
At least five years overseas (of past 10 years)
At least eight years overseas (of past 10 years)
Qualifications at the time of invitation
(Australian or recognised overseas)
A qualification or award recognised by the
relevant assessing authority for the applicant’s
nominated skilled occupation as being suitable
for the occupation
Diploma or trade qualification completed in
Australia or a qualification or award of a
recognised standard
At least a Bachelor degree, including a
Bachelor with Honours or Masters, from
Australia or other degree of a recognised
Doctorate from an Australian education
institution or other Doctorate of a recognised
Australian study requirement
One or more degrees, diplomas or trade
qualifications awarded by an Australian
institution and meet the Australian Study
Requirement (Minimum two years full-time)
Study in a regional area
Must meet the Australian Study Requirement
while studying in a regional area
Professional Year
Completion of a recognised Professional Year
for a period of at least 12 months in the four
year period immediately prior to the day on
which the DIBP invitation was issued
Credentialed Community language
Credentialed community language qualifications
NAATI accreditation
Partner skills
Primary applicants partner meets threshold
requirements for skilled migration visa
Nomination by a state/territory government
(Permanent residency visa)
Nomination by a state or territory government
(Subclass 190)
Designated area sponsorship or nominated by
state/territory government (provisional
residency visa)
Nomination by a state or territory government or
sponsorship by an eligible relative , for residing
and working in a specified /designated area
(Subclass 489)
Temporary Skilled Graduate
(Subclass 485) Visa
Temporary Skilled Graduate (SC485) visa
One visa, two streams
1. Post-Study Work
2. Graduate Work
Both streams applicants must meet the Australian Study
Meet the requirement in the six (6) months immediately before they lodge
their visa application.
Attain one or more qualifications with at least two (2) years of academic
study and have undertaken the study in Australia in no less than 16
Australian Study Requirement
Eligible courses must:
be registered through CRICOS, and successfully completed
have resulted in an eligible qualification
have had all instruction in English
have been completed while holding a visa allowing study in Australia
be counted only once towards the Australian study requirement.
English proficiency courses and enabling programs cannot be used to
meet the Australian study requirement.
Post-study Work
Graduate Work
Applied within six (6) months of completing studies
Attained a single qualification or multiple qualifications with at least two (2)
years of academic study
Bachelor or higher study NOT for
trade or diploma qualifications
Study resulting in a diploma or trade
qualification or higher
No requirement to nominate an
occupation on the Skilled Occupation
List or skills assessment
Qualification must be closely related
to the student’s nominated skilled
First student visa must have been
granted on or after 5 November 2011
Provisional skills assessment required
for an occupation on the Skilled
Occupation List (Schedule 1)
2,3 or 4 years duration depending on
the highest educational qualification
18 Month visa
Employer Nomination
Temporary & Permanent Visa
Employer Nominated
Temporary Skilled Work (SC457) Visa
Employers can sponsor workers for periods up to four years.
To be eligible the position must be:
full time
on the Consolidated Occupation Shortage List (Schedules 1 & 2)
offer a market salary (for 38 hours) that is no less than the Temporary
Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) currently $53,900.
If the market rate for a position being nominated under SC457 is not
equal to or greater than TSMIT then DIBP will not approve the position.
Employer Nominated
Temporary Skilled Work (SC457) Visa (continued)
Employers must be approved by DIBP to sponsor workers under the SC457.
Workers must be able to meet:
• skills requirements
• skills testing is required for citizens of several countries for a
number of trade occupations
• nominees for Specialist Managers nec and Project or Program
Administrator positions are required to have formal skill
assessments (VETASSESS).
• any relevant Australian occupation registration/licensing requirements
• English language requirements: IELTS 5 on all four testing bands
Employer Nominated Permanent Residence
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) (SC187)
Sponsorship by employers in areas designated regional for migration.
There are three RSMS streams:
Temporary Residence Transition A process for someone who has
worked for their employer for two years on a SC457 visa.
Agreement Overseas workers who came on SC457 visa under a
special agreement e.g. Labour Agreement.
Direct Entry For skilled workers who do not qualify for other
RSMS streams.
Employer Nominated
RSMS Direct Entry Stream (SC187)
Regional employers can only sponsor for positions that:
fall under the ANZSCO Skill Levels 1 to 3
offer full time employment for at least two years
offer a salary that is at market rate
they cannot fill the position from within the local labour market.
Employer Nominated
RSMS Direct Entry Stream (SC187) (continued)
Visa applicants must:
• Have the qualifications and/or experience to do the job.
• Where Australian qualifications are held, meet the requirements for the
occupation as listed in the ANZSCO i.e. if an applicant is being nominated to fill
a position as a Cook they must have:
• an AQF Certificate III or Certificate IV AND at least two (2) years relevant
on the job training or
• a Diploma level qualification closely related to the nominated occupation
AND at least two (2) years relevant on the job training
• an IELTS 6 on all four bands - there are very limited exceptions
• be less than 50 years at the time they lodge their visa application - there
are very limited exceptions.
What can you do to maximise your chances
• English
• Don’t wait till the last minute
• English
• Keep up to date on what the requirements are
• English
Mary Martin
Richard Foo
Sue Little
Chamila Somaratne

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