PowerPoint File, 1.34 MB - Cessna Course Tracking Application (CTA)

Cessna Flight
Training System
Introduction and Overview
Currently has two parts
1. Course Tracking
Application (CTA)
2. The Courses:
Cessna Sport/Private
Pilot Course
Cessna Instrument
Rating Course
Key features/benefits
• No software to install
• Accessible anywhere there is high
speed Internet access
• Windows & Mac Compatible
– iPad (3rd Party software required – iSwifter)
• Hassle free – No operating system
update and disc compatibility issues
Key features/benefits
• Training materials are always current
• FAA Question Review
• Customers have access to an entire
library of aviation publications that are
always up-to-date
Key features/benefits
New training Philosophies
• Scenario-based training
– Ability to customize scenarios
• Single-pilot resource management
• Learner-centered grading
Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course
• Each kit includes:
Cessna Padfolio and pen
Course key
Cessna logbook
Pilot Information Manual
Welcome letter from Cessna
FAA Question Review
Access to the Cessna Reference
– Conversion Calculator
– Flight Computer
– Downloadable Flight Training Previews
Instrument Rating Course
• Each kit includes:
Welcome letter from Cessna
Course keys
Pilot Information Manual
Flight Computer
Conversion Calculator
Access to the Cessna Reference Library
Downloadable Flight Training Previews
FAA Question Review
IFR Kneeboard and Pen
IFR Clipboard
IFR Flight Planning Pad
View Limiting Device
The course name
• The official names are:
Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course
Cessna Instrument Rating Course
• Common nicknames:
– Cessna Sport/Private Kit or Cessna Sport/Private
– Cessna IFR Kit or Cessna IFR Course
Customer purchase options
• Each customer may purchase his/her kit
– From your CPC
– Or online (directly from King Schools)
• CPC purchase kits from King Schools for $199.98
• CPCs’ suggested retail price is $329.00
• King Schools’ customer price is $349.00
Exchange policy
• King Schools will exchange unsold
Cleared For … Have them contact King
Schools directly
• Customers who have completed several
lessons on the Cleared For …CBI
course should continue with that
Contact Information
• Call King Schools to order kits
1-877-CPC-KITS (1-877-272-5487)
• For training assistance or CTA/Course
information, contact
Pamela Olson, CPC Advocate for King Schools at
858-576-6210 or via email at
[email protected]
• For Software Support, contact
1-877-HELP-CPC (1-877-435-7272)

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