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Employability Skills Workshop
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Working in pairs find out the following details about your partner and then
be prepared to tell the rest of the group about them. However you must
pitch your presentation to the group as if they were 7 year old primary
age pupils!
Where you went to school
• what degree you are studying and what year
• about the ambassador/work activities you have done so far
• about your future job plans – PhD, industry, teaching
Today’s objectives
By the end of today’s session, we hope you will have:
An understanding of what employability skills are
Why they are important
What skills you already have
Ideas on how to evidence your skills in a job application or
• Ideas about how you can increase your employability
What are Employability Skills
‘A set of attributes, skills and knowledge that all
labour market participants should possess to
ensure they have the capability of being effective
in the workplace – to the benefit of themselves,
their employer and the wider economy.’
CBI, 2010
Employability Skills are
Business and Customer Awareness
Problem Solving and Creativity
Communication and Literacy
Application of Numeracy
IT Skills
Positive Attitude
Why do you need them?
Employers look
for them
But often potential employees don’t have them
Or is it that potential
employees aren’t
demonstrating that they
have them?
Skills that Employers want and how
they can be developed
Personal audit of Employability Skills
Job Applications
What employers are seeking on job
Creating a CV
Responding to advertisements
Covering letter
Job Applications – Airbus
How can being a Student
Ambassador help you acquire
employability skills?
New challenge, different skills
Different audience, improve skills
Working with different people
More experience, more examples
What can STEM Ambassadors do?
Link with schools or colleges to create long-term partnerships
Mentor students on specific projects – within the curriculum or beyond
STEM Clubs – encourage schools to consider Clubs or assisting with ongoing activity
Offer careers advice during a school careers event
Support STEMNET activities advertised through the UK-wide quarterly
Support teacher CPD – working with Science Learning Centres, NCETM
Assist with delivering Enhancement & Enrichment schemes from the STEM
You can also view the latest requests for STEM Ambassadors on
STEMNetworking at: http://networking.stemnet.org.uk/
Next Steps
Do more volunteering to address your skills gap
Re-analyse your skills using the audit sheet
Complete a case study sheet
Keep a record of examples to use in job
applications and interviews

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