Kaktovik Inupiat Corporation Shareholders Homesite Subdivision

Kaktovik Inupiat Corporation (KIC)
Shareholders Homesite Subdivision
Roads Project
A project for the community
development of the Native Village of
Kaktovik, Alaska.
Where is Kaktovik?
• Kaktovik is situated on an island on the North
Slope. It is located 90 miles west of the Canadian
Border and 280 miles southeast of Barrow and
sits within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Meeting with the Stakeholders
• The Tribe had to hold numerous meetings
with different stakeholders, in order to gather
the resources needed to build the roads and
also to ensure compliance with federal, state
and local laws, rules and regulations.
Stake Holders
• The local City Government & Corporation
• The North Slope Borough (NSB) and NSB
Planning Commission
• Bureau of Indian Affairs
• US Army Corp of Engineers
• US Fish and Wildlife Service
• The tribe had to ensure that the design and
planning of the project included meetings
with each stakeholder and compliance with all
federal, state and local laws, rules, and
• We had to gather numerous permits from
different agencies to allow the construction of
the roads.
Struggles (funding)
• The majority of funding for the project came from the
BIA and included High Priority Project (HPP) funds in
the amount of $1 million. The tribe used these funds
along with the transportation funds from BIA to sort of
match what the NSB could provide through their
capital improvement funds or other resources.
Our tribe had to develop a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) with the NSB for them to construct
the roads and to provide our tribe with the needed gravel.
The gravel was provided at no cost to the tribe through
the MOU. We would not have been able to construct the
roads at the time if the gravel was not readily available.
Lessons Learned
• Cooperation
Undertaking a huge project such as this requires
cooperation amongst numerous agencies and
Thanks to the communities involvement , this
project was agreed by all those involved as a
priority for the community.
• Always ask for help!
Through the BIA, we are given an Awarding Officials
Technical Representative (AOTR) who you should refer
to anytime you have questions or concerns.
• You can utilize BIA’s AOTRs for technical
assistance with, but not limited to:
Environmental Impact Statements
National Environmental Policy Act compliance
Long Range Transportation Plans
Designing the project
Questions or Concerns in general
Job Opportunities
• Through diligence and cooperation,
meaningful transportation projects which
benefit communities as a whole may allow
numerous opportunities for tribes and locals
to become actively engaged. This project
utilized and offered training and employment
opportunities throughout Kaktovik and the
North Slope including but not limited to CDL
training, heavy equipment operator & laborer
job positions.
Thank you very much!

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