KDPP6 Ribbons - U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Katy Divison

Ribbons and Awards
MIDN 3/C Austyn Sutton, USNR
• Understand criteria for and recognizing ribbons
• Identify appurtenances and understand process for earning them
• Understand order of precedence
• Understand manner of wear
• Identify Outside Agency Awards
Manner of Wear (Ribbons)
• 1) “worn on the service coat or jumper of dress blue and dress white,
and on the shirt of service khaki, summer white, winter blue, NLCC
summer and winter dress uniforms.”
• 1) “… Wear up to three ribbons in a single row.”
• 1) “Wear ribbons without spaces between ribbons or rows of
Manner of Wear (Ribbons) Cont.
• 4) “NSCC Officers, Midshipmen, and Instructors may wear all ribbons
awarded and appurtenances earned as an NSCC Cadet with the
exception of year ribbons.”
• 5) “NSCC Cadets may wear all ribbons earned as an NLCC Cadet with
the exception of year ribbons.”
Manner of Wear (Medals)
• 1) “Wear both large medals and ribbons that do not have
corresponding large medals on full dress uniforms.”
• 2) “Medals will be worn with the dress uniform WHEN PRESCRIBED
Order of Precedence
Honor Ribbon
• Criteria
• “Is directly responsible for saving a human life at risk of his or her own life.”
NSCC/NLCC Distinguished Service Ribbon
• “By extraordinary heroism, but not to the degree of justifying of the
NSCC/NLCC Honor Ribbon.”
• Sustained extraordinary service to NSCC or NLCC
• Selection as NSCC/NLCC Cadet of the Year
Meritorious Recognition Ribbon
• Humanitarian action or exceptional service to NSCC or NLCC
• Selection as Regional Cadet of the Year
• Establishing and overseeing programs which make a significant
contribution to the NSCC program
Commendation Ribbon
• Superior service and completion of significant projects, tasks, or
sustained service.
• Regional Cadet of the Year
Citation Ribbon
• Excels in advancement
• Performs training in outstanding manner
• Is smart and neat in appearance
• May be awarded to Company Honor Cadet
• Honor Company for RT’s with 100+ recruits
NSCC Escort Officer Ribbon
• Officer version of a staff cadet
Community Service Ribbon
• 30 Hours of community service
• I.e. Soup kitchens, community clean up, charity work, etc.
• Parades and public events don’t count
International Exchange Program Ribbon
• Attendance and participation in International Exchange Program
• Selected for program based on
• Scholarship/Academics
• NSCC Record
• Citizenship Attributes
Academic Achievement Ribbon
• Enrolled in Accreddited Public/Home School
Make honor role for a semester
No grades below a B (80)
Provide CO with a letter from the school verifying status
Provide copy of standardized test scores (Home School)
Can earn two per year
Drug Reduction Ribbon
• Attendance at four substance abuse, anti-drug awareness lecture
given by the following:
• Local/State Police
• Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
• Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
• Perform one, one hour or two, two thirty minute substance abuse,
anti-drug lectures to school, civic, church, or youth group.
Office of Naval Research Ribbon
• Participate in educationally sanctioned Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math (STEM) competitions.
• Earn place of 1st through 5th in a science competition
Recruiting Incentive Ribbon
• Recruit NSCC Officers, Midshipman, Instructors, or NSCC/NLCC Cadets
into any unit
• One award for each enrolled
• Must remain in program for 3 months
Unit Commendation Ribbon
• As a group of 15 or more; or 80% of the unit
• Participate in two community affairs, humanitarian actions, etc.
• Awarded to top ten NSCC and top five NLCC units for annul inspection
• Only members who participate in the two events
Physical Fitness Ribbon
• Meet qualifying standards of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award
• Earn “E” appurtenance if meeting Presidential level
• Blue inboard, yellow outboard
• Test must be proctored by
PE Teacher
Regional Director
Active Duty Military
Active NSCC PRT Coordinator
Staff Cadet Ribbon
• Attend and complete NSCC training as a staff member
• Must be noted on NSCTNG 005
Color Guard Ribbon
• Perform as a member of the team for six months
• Perform a minimum of five team evolutions in a public event
NSCC/NLCC Service Ribbon
• Served as an NLCC Cadet for a period of 12 months or more prior to
enrollment in NSCC
• Served as an NSCC Cadet for a period of 12 months or more prior to
appointment as NSCC Officer, Midshipman, or Instructor
Marksman Ribbon
• Qualify for marksman, sharpshooter, or expert in accordance with
applicable standards for the range being used.
• “E” appurtenance awarded for expert
• “S” appurtenance awarded for sharpshooter
• May wear “E” and “S”, two “E”’s, or two “S”s provided each was earned with a
different weapon.
25 /50
Anniversary Ribbon
• Enrolled in NSCC as of or on 10 September 2012
• Large Gold Star worn by personnel who attended ceremony in D.C. on 29
September 2012 or 06 October 2012 in San Diego
Year Commissioned Ribbon
• Awarded to all cadets enrolled in a unit qualifying for 25 year
commissioning ribbon
• Silver star worn for units that are 50 years old
Year Ribbons
• 1st Year- Awarded after 90 days in the NSCC
• 2nd Year- Awarded after one year in NSCC
• 3rd Year- Awarded after two years in NSCC
• 4th Year- Awarded after three years in NSCC
• 5th Year- Awarded after four years in NSCC
Outside Agency Awards
NLUS Youth Medal and Ribbon
• Awarded annually to the units Sea and League Cadet of the Year
• NSCC CoY wears large silver star in center of ribbon
• NLCC CoY wears gold boot in center of ribbon
• NLCC Cadet does NOT earn medal
• A cadet can only earn this once during their career
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
Outstanding Cadet Award
• Dinstinguished him/herself through outstanding leadership, honor,
service, courage, and patriotism.
• Selected and nominated to local Daughters of the
American Revolution chapter.
Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Good
Citizenship Award
• Attain rate of Petty Officer 2nd Class or above (NSCC and NLCC)
• In good standing militarily and scholastically
• Demonstrate leadership qualities, military bearing, and
excellence in performance of duties.
• Be recommend by the unit Commanding Officer
Veterans of Foreign Wars NSCC Medal
• Selected and recommended by Commanding Officer
• Must attain the rate of PO3 and:
• Be in good academic standing
• Progress satisfactorily in Sea Cadet program
• Outstanding achievement in community service and NSCC
• Demonstrate outstanding leadership
• Not have previously received award
General Information
• Worn on year ribbon for the year device was awarded unless
otherwise stated
• Alignment• One- Centered on ribbon
• Two or more- Equidistant between two devices and edge of ribbon
• Gold Aircraft- Completion of advanced aviation training
• Gold Anchor- Completion of seamanship training
• Bronze Boot- Completion of NLCC Basic Orientation or RT
• Gold Boot- Worn on NLUS medal if NLCC cadet
• Cauceus- Completion of Hospital Corpsman or medical training
• Compass Rose- Attend a career or professional training program or on
color guard ribbon for completing honor guard training
• DEA Device- Afficed to center of Drug Reduction ribbon
• Hammer- Completion of construction based training
• Lyre- Completion of music related training
• MAA Shield- Completion of justice oriented training (MAA/JAG/etc)
• Maple Leaf- Completion of US/Canada Sea Cadet exchange
• Propeller- Completion of USCG boating safety program or other
boating course
• Submarine- Satisfactory completion of submarine training
• Torch- Completion of leadership training (POLA/JPD/etc)
• Trident- Completion of underwater training (Scuba/EOD/etc)
• USCG Shield- Completion of training with US Coast Guard
• “E” Gold- Awarded to all cadets in unit scoring >3.5 in annual inspection
• “E” Silver- Worn on marksman ribbon for qualifying expert with pistol/rifle
On physical fitness ribbon for Presidential level
• “R” Silver- Completion of AT in Navy or USCG recruiting station
• “S” Bronze- Completion of STEM related training (SeaPerch/CyberPatriot)
• “S” Silver- Qualify as sharpshooter with pistol or rifle
Insignia and Badges
NSCC Special Warfare Device
• Completion Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Orientation
• Meet SEAL curriculum developed by UDT-SEAL Association
NSCC Special Warfare Combat Crewman
• Successfully complete SWCC Orientation course
• Meet curriculum developed by UDT-SEAL Assoc.
NSCC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
• Complete NSCC EOD training
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
• Complete approved NSCC JSOC course
Order of Precedence

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