Touchnet Marketplace - Texas A&M University

Marketplace is a set of tools to design, build, and
maintain online shopping.
Marketplace consists of two components:
 uPay Sites
Payment only sites that are linked to existing or
custom payment pages.
 uStores
Complete self-contained online stores
Part of an online mall that contains all the uStores
Texas A&M University – Commerce currently has 18 uPay
(payment only) sites collecting payments.
Last year, our uPay sites processed 4,435 transactions
for $334,366.00, but no Marketplace stores sales.
Since launch on Nov 20, 2013, our Marketplace stores
have processed 454 transactions for $14,861.58.
uPay Site Payment Information
• uPay sites use a front end form to collect payment information
• The front end forms are developed and maintained by I.T.
• Payment information (amount) is passed to Touchnet to process payment
Touchnet Marketplace
Touchnet Marketplace
• The Touchnet Marketplace is a “Shopping
Mall”, made up of many online stores.
• Online stores, “uStores”, can either be in the
shopping mall or standalone.
• We are currently on Touchnet Marketplace
version 6.0, and scheduled to update to
version 6.5.
Marketplace Stores
Marketplace Stores
• Inventory is added into a shopping cart.
Marketplace Stores
• The shopping cart can be updated.
• The Marketplace has a single checkout process
for all purchases.
Marketplace Stores - Payment
Order Fulfillment
• Email notification of placed orders are sent to store manager
• Orders can be “auto-fulfilled” or manually fulfilled.
Marketplace Stores Features
• Provides an easy, user-configurable online site for
sale of goods and services
• Reduces dependence on IT resources
• Supports a wide variety of online commerce
activities including tickets, events, donations,
merchandise, summer camps, banquets, fundraisers,
mailing lists, and more….
• Provides secure, PA-DSS compliant payment
processing. (Touchnet handles all payments)
• Funds are deposited directly into the designated
FAMIS account.
Marketplace Stores Features
Tracks Inventory – Restrict Sales to Inventory
Allows for recurring payments
Reports downloadable in Excel
Refunds directly from Marketplace
Products can be enabled or disabled, also by
calendar dates
• Products can be grouped by store and product
• No COST to your area !!!
• Cash transactions at TAMUC are going away
How Do I Get Started?
• Request a Store - [email protected]
• Financial Services will create a Marketplace
Store site for you to use.
• Each area will be responsible for placing
inventory and processing orders in the store.
• Link to the mall and your store from your
TAMUC web pages.
• Start collecting payments.
• Jon Puttonen, Business Technical Services
Coordinator x3137
• Rose Moreno, State and Treasury Accountant
• Coy Martin, GA (Marketplace admin) x3107

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