Morning Work Jan. 6th
1.) Read the poem below. The write two
thoughts you would like to share with the
class about the poem.
2.) Answer the science question. Write an
explanation to defend your answers.
3.) Solve/answer the math problems.
The Way I Play Soccer
Sweat streams down my
And my skin turns red under
the watchful eye of the sun.
The sound of cleats
pounding the earth is
As my enemies charge down
the field towards me.
I can sense the shooter is
going to miss;
All at once, the ball collides
into my chest.
Screams of victory roar
across the field.
The grass stained, game ball
Rests lovingly between my
two hands.
J.P. ran a 200-meter race in
25.743 seconds. Yazmine ran
the race in 25.74 seconds.
Who finished first?
A. Yazmine, because 25.74 <
B. Yazmine, because 25.743 <
C. J.P., because 25.743 < 25.74
D. J.P., because 25.74 = 25.743
2. At a recent track meet, the fastest
time in the 40-yard dash was 4.37
seconds, and the slowest time was 5.8
seconds. How much time passed
between the fastest runner and the
slowest runner?
1.43 seconds
1.53 seconds
10.17 seconds
25.35 seconds
1. A woodpecker uses its long sharp beak to get insects from a tree
trunk. What factors would most likely contribute to the extinction of
this woodpecker species?
A) The woodpecker finds a new source of food to eat.
B) There are more trees growing in the forest.
C) People use pesticides to kill the insects in the forest.
D) There is an increase in the size of the insect population.
2. In a forest, how do decomposers help other organisms survive?
A. They release oxygen into the air that animals breathe.
B. They put nutrients into the soil that plants use to grow.
C. They provide shelter in forests where animals can hide.
D. They use sunlight to make food for plants and animals
Morning Work Jan. 7th
Summertime is here
My tongue is a piece
of sandpaper
I’m dissolving into a
I want to dive into a
Though I’m sure that
would befuddle
Open me up, my
organs are cooked
I think I’m now well
You can fry an egg
upon my brow
As I melt away in the
Plaza Pizza sells large pizzas for $10.Each additional
topping costs $2. Mrs. Fisher is buying 1 large pizza with
3 additional toppings. She will pay with a$20 bill. She
used the expression 20 – 10 – 3 x 2 to find how much
change she should receive. How much change should
Mrs. Fisher receive?
1. Why do some animals have to compete for
resources within an ecosystem?
A. They like to play games.
B. Some resources are limited.
C. They share the same habitat. 2. A large factory gives off pollutants into a
D. The trees shed their leaves.
nearby river. The pollutants begin to kill plants
and trees nearby. How will this affect the
A) The number of herbivores will decrease.
B) The number of carnivores will increase.
C) The number of producers will increase.
D) The number of dead trees and plants will
Morning Work Jan. 8th
1.) Read the poem below. The write two
thoughts you would like to share with the
class about the poem.
2.) Answer the science question. Write an
explanation to defend your answers.
3.) Solve/answer the math problems.
The newborn flowers
in all sizes and vivid
When you walk by, their
and luscious aromas
ensnare you..
The beautiful butterflies
Around the light grassy
The trees are full of
lush, dark green leaves.
Spring is when you can
really savor
the intense scent of
1. Answer question 4 and 5 using the numbers below.
A. 63,824.579
B. 23,687.495
4. Which statement is true about the numbers?
A. The 4 in number A is 10 times bigger than the 4 in number B.
B. The 4 in number A is 1/10 the amount of the 4 in number B.
C. The 4 in number A is the same amount as the 4 in number
5. Which statement is true about the numbers?
A. The 9 in number A is 10 times bigger than the 9 in number B.
B. The 9 in number A is 1/10 the amount of the 9 in number B.
C. The 9 in number A is the same amount as the 9 in number B.
What is a large body
of air that has nearly
the same
temperature and
A. greenhouse effect
B. climate
C. air mass
D. air pressure
E. humidity
2. What are two true facts about
A. They are also called Twisters
B. Occur in Midwestern US
C. They are also called Typhoons
D. Occur in warm ocean water
E. They are a type of cloud
Morning Work Jan. 9th
2 What is the relationship between 7 and 0.07 in
the number 7.673?
Rain races onto the
Hitting hard like
Rockets rushing in a
race to the glass.
Rattling rain, rattling the
window panes.
The droplets dance
Until they cleverly
connect in
A pool of promise for a
A. 7 is 1,000 times smaller than 0.07
B. 7 is 100 times smaller than 0.07
C. 7 is 1,000 times bigger than 0.07
D. 7 is 100 times bigger than 0.07
1 Which diagram shows how energy flows through a food
A. Producers -> Carnivores -> Herbivores
B. Sun -> Producers -> Herbivores -> Carnivores
C. Sun -> Carnivores -> Producers -> Consumers
D. Herbivores -> Carnivores -> Producers
2. A farmer wants to grow healthy crops, so he adds decomposers to the soil
in his field. How will the decomposers help the crops ?
A) The decomposers will break down dead organisms into nutrients for the
B) The decomposers will turn water vapor into liquid water for the plants.
C) The decomposers will change carbon dioxide into oxygen for the plants.
D) The decomposers will attack any parasites that try to hurt the plants.
Morning Work Jan. 13th
The Basketball
The basketball swished
As the ball dived right
It was a great shot, this much
is true
The buzzer let out it’s nasally
The end of the quarter, the
end of the half
The game did resume when
the ref’s whistle barked
‘Players get ready’, their
interest was sparked
It was a tough game, the
court became scuffed
The brooms cleaned and
polished, and made it all
The backboard was aching,
as the shots kept on coming
Despite its best efforts, the
ball kept on drumming
We had so much fun, the
basket was tired
And all of the players were
hot and perspired
1 Which statement is false?
a) 7.6 = 7.60
b) 7.006 < 7.600
c) 7.6 < 7.60
d) 76 > 7.6
2 Estimate the difference of 13.88 and 7.29
A) 21
B) 7
C) 21.17
D) 6.59
1. What is a likely consequence of cutting down rain forests?
A. a reduction in the amount of air pollution on Earth
B. an increase in the number of plants living on Earth
C. a reduction in the variety of organisms living on Earth
D. an increase in the number of arctic ecosystems on Earth
2. Which of these represents organization from most
diverse to least diverse?
A. biosphere ecosystem population community
B. ecosystem biosphere population community
C. community biosphere ecosystem population
D. biosphere ecosystem community population
Morning Work Jan. 14th
2. 8.6 X 100 = ?
My Dog
His bark breaks the sound
His nose is as cold as an
ice box.
A wag of his tail causes
His jumping causes falling
He eats a mountain of dog
And drinks a water fall dry.
But though he breaks the
He’s the apple of my eye.
A) 0.086
B) 0.86
C) 86
D) 860
1. Different types of birds within an environment ma
on different types of organisms. What is a benefit of
type of interaction?
A. It allows different birds to build better nests.
B. It reduces competition between different birds.
C. It causes different birds to reproduce more often
D. It allows different birds to escape from predators
2. Antelope are grazing animals. They travel across the grasslands of
Africa, eating grass. If there were too many antelope in an area, there
would probably be—
A. fewer predators of antelope
B. many other large grazing animals
C. tall shrubs and many trees
D. less grass and more bare soil.
Morning Work Jan. 15th
The Secret Seed
by Allan Wolf
A seed holds tomorrow
inside her shell.
What will she be?
She will not tell.
To find out what,
you’ll have to wait
and watch her grow
from grain to great.
A. 6
B. 6.5
C. 1,300
D. 2,600
1. What is responsible for breaking down a
dead tree or dead deer in a deciduous forest?
A) producers
B) decomposers
C) consumers
D) scavengers
2. The job that a plant or animal does within an
ecosystem is called its—
A) habitat.
B) energy source.
C) niche.
D) food web.
Morning Work Jan. 16th
The Last Shot
The crowd was as
tense as a mouse
meeting fear;
Their backs are
straighter than
Time is like the
speed of light.
Everybody’s eyes are
as large as saucers.
I am always given the
last shot;
My aim is as certain
as the rising sun.
1.Which is the best example of habitat reduction caused by humans?
A. Birds and animals flee a forest fire caused by lightning.
B. Birds become sick from eating insects new to their area.
C. Fish swimming to breeding grounds are blocked by dams.
D. A new species of fish migrates up a river, competing with native fish for
2 This biome is the world’s most biologically diverse
ecosystem. They contain over 50% of the plant and animal
species though they only cover about 7% of the land’s
surface. They play a critical role in the global climate. Most
of these are located near the equator.
A) Taiga
B) Tropical Rainforest
C) Deciduous Forest
D) Desert

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