flourishing fivers

flourishing fivers
make it grow
what is flourishing fivers?
• Flourishing fivers is a fundraising scheme for
local students to take part in.
• Every student/team is given £5 which they
have to make “grow”.
• The scheme encourages students to be
creative and business minded.
• AND helps to raise funds for Primrose
what is a hospice?
• Primrose Hospice is like a special hospital
that helps patients when the medical team
realise that they cannot make them better.
• The hospice works with patients and their
families through this difficult time.
• Patients are treated in different ways to give
them as best quality of life as possible.
• We also help families to cope before and
after the death of a loved one.
how to fundraise…
With your £5 you could…
• Buy products to sell on.
• Buy materials/ingredients to make crafts or
cakes to sell.
• Make promotional items to advertise a
service such as dog walking or car washing.
• There are lots of ideas in your
fundraising toolkit!
• Have you got any ideas?
accumulative fundraising
This is when you use the money from your first
fundraiser to make another.
For example:
• Use the £5 to buy ingredients to make cakes
to sell. Make 100 cakes, sell them cakes at
50p each and turn £5 into £50
• Use the £50 to plan a bigger event such as a
• Charge £3 for entry and if you get
100 guests you will make £300…
your team
• Come up with a team name.
• Decide who will be responsible for money.*
• Treat each other fairly and with respect – you
are a team and there is NO leader!
• Have regular meetings to discuss ideas and
• Talk to your teacher if you are not sure of
• Everything you need to know is in your
fundraising toolkit.
• You can always contact me for help or advice!
time scale
The task(s) must be completed by Sunday 30th June.
All money raised must be given to Primrose Hospice by Friday 12th July.
The winners will be announced before the end of term.
Sponsorship is when you ask someone to
donate products or services to help you
For example:
• You might ask a local shop to donate
ingredients to make your cakes.
• This is normally in exchange for advertising.
• On your posters, use the company’s logo to
show they have supported you.
• It is important for one person to be in charge of
the money only to save confusion (this person is
not more important than any other team
• Keep a record of all your costs – for example,
keep your receipts when you buy things.
• At an event, make sure you have a float so you
can give change to people.
• Take into consideration the cost when deciding
the price of a cake, etc. Do not under or over
• Keep your money safe!
key points
Make sure what you are doing is legal.
Publicise your event well.
Gain sponsorship where possible.
Decide as a TEAM!
Have FUN!
• Any questions?
Good luck

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