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in the
There are three main
airports international
students can use when
traveling to MSU:
• Lansing, MI
• Detroit, MI
• Chicago, IL
Students whose first point
of entry is New York can
find a connecting flight to
any of the airports above.
Detroit to East Lansing
 Take the Michigan Flyer bus from the Detroit airport to East
 Your trip will take two hours door to door.
 Book a trip at:
 When you arrive in East Lansing, you will be dropped off in
front of the East Lansing Marriott.
 You will need to get a ride to your hotel or apartment. If you
don’t have a friend to pick you up, you can take a taxi.
 You can find some licensed taxicab companies at this link.
Traveling in Lansing, East
Lansing, & on campus
Traveling in Lansing, East
Lansing, MSU Campus
 Using CATA Buses
 CATA bus service operates on and around campus
including all University apartments, residence halls,
and commuter lots.
 CATA provides year-round service to off-campus
apartments in the East Lansing and Lansing areas.
Where can I buy passes?
You can buy your bus pass at any of the following locations:
 International Center
 Campus residence halls (next to the Law College)
 Sparty stores (campus coffee shops)
 Spartan Village Community Center
 Owen Hall (across the street from the Law College)
 Meijer
 or online at:
How long does the bus pass last?
You can
purchase your
bus pass with
your student ID.
You can buy the
pass monthly, or
by semester.
Map of Campus Routes
For more information visit
Students also have the option to park a car on
campus, but will need a parking permit! Failure to
have or use a permit can lead to tickets or having
your car towed.
There are a number of parking
lots available on campus, but
they all require a permit!
If you have questions about
parking, visit this link.
Even on the first day of
Orientation, you could get a
ticket for parking without a
permit! If you don’t have your
permit yet, bring money to pay
for a metered spot in the lot
next to the Law College.
How do you get a student
parking permit?
Register online.
Obtain your student permit from the MSU Parking
Office located at:
1120 Red Cedar Rd., East Lansing
(MSU Department of Police and Public Safety)
Check the parking lots on this map:
More Information:

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