Money Can`t Buy Happiness

Money Can’t Buy Happiness
I Tim 6:6-8
Living Life With A Godly Perspective
Life is a gift from God Gen 2:7
James asked the age old question “what is life”
– It is described as a vapor Jam 4:14
Moses described life as tale that is told Ps 90:9
We all live a life
– We have things that are important to us, we have things that our lives that are
center pieces of our existence
– Money, cars, clothes, job, school, ect
What type of life are you living?
– Are you living you life with a Godly perspective
– Does you life center around God or is God one of the aspects of your life
Four points
– Consecration
– Contentment
– Certainty
– Concern
– Means reverence toward God
– Cornelius Acts 10:2
The whole of man Eccl 12:13
– Prov 1:7----You are wise if you fear God!
– I Tim 4:7
In every aspect of life God should be the central feature
– Personal, church, family, friends,
Ways to involve God in our lives
– Prayer
• Pray without ceasing I Thess 5:17
• Cast our care upon Him I Pet 5:7
– Our means of communication----how we let God know how we feel and what concerns we have
– Meditation
• Jos 1:8
• David Ps 119:15
Godliness is the foundation of Christianity
– Heb 12:14
– Deut 6:5
• Contentment refers to a person being satisfied
– Nothing wrong with striving to achieve your best
– Are you satisfied with what God is giving you
• The children of Israel complained and God was displeased
– Num 11:1
– They had everything they needed
– Food, clothing, shelter
• These are the basic necessities of life
– If we have these things we should be satisfied
– Matt 6:33
• Instead of complaining we should be content
– Phil 4:11-12
– Count your blessings (literally)
– Focus on what you have rather than what you do not have
Godliness + Contentment = Great gain
– True wealth is not measured by the amount of money a person has
– It is great gain to learn to be content without riches (you are rich if you are happy with what you have)
What makes life valuable and rich is not money but godliness
– Godliness leads to contentment
– Some of the poorest people in the world are happy----because of their relationship
with God
– Some of the riches people in the world are miserable----because they try to find
happiness in their wealth
– The rich young ruler
• Read Mark 10:17-25
Many people’s lives have been destroyed---not because of drugs or alcohol but because
of money
– I Tim 6:10
– Happiness, peace and contentment is found in God and not in money or personal
• Paul includes himself in this statement
– Brought means what we literally bring into
– Nothing means not one thing!
– No money, no clothes, no food, no nothing
– No one who has ever lived brought something into this world
• One thing is certain about all of our lives---we will die
– Gen 3:19
– The world is referring to the physical world
• All of the wealth and possessions that we accumulate mean nothing
– Eccl 1:2, 14
– We can literally work ourselves to death and our wealth will mean nothing
when we are gone
– Eccl 2:18-19
• Is it worth it?
– Matt 16:26
Our major concerns in life should not consist of the things of this earth only
– We need to be concerned about our spirituality and eternal things
– Col 3:2
– We must have food to survive----a good balance diet can help promote a long life
– Matt 4:4---We must also have the proper spiritual diet in order to grow and stay
– This too is a necessity in life
– We must be careful of placing too much emphasis on this aspect of our lives
– I Tim 2:9
Therewith be content!
– Having the basic necessities of life and the proper spiritual relationship with God is
true wealth
– Let these things suffice (make you happy)
– Count your blessings
• Godliness is living a life according to word of God
– Are you living Godly?
• Contentment is being satisfied with what God has given
– All good gifts come from God Jam 1:17
• Living a God fearing life and being content to have the basic necessities of life is
great gain
– True wealth is not measured by your possessions
– True wealth is measured by your relationship with God
• Are you rich-----rich toward God
– Some are rich and do not realize it
– A fool is the man who lays up treasure on earth and is not rich toward God
Luke 12:20-21
– Rom 8:16-17
• You can become a heir of God by obey the gospel
Money Can’t Buy Happiness
I Tim 6:6-8

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