Sadlier-Oxford Level F Unit 5
Study Guide
amnesty (n)
Many political prisoners were freed under the
___ granted by the new regime.
The new government, seeking to restore
normal conditions, declared an _____ for all
political prisoners
Instead of brooding about past wrongs, I
suggest that you declare a personal _____
and start thinking about the future.
Even after the thirteen colonies gained ____
from England, many Americans clung to
English traditions.
Since the close of WWII, almost 100 former
colonies have gained full ____ and joined the
family of nations.
Young people, tired of being controlled by
parents, teachers, and others, often have a
strong impulse to gain _______.
One should not accept the idea that the
camera never lies as an ______ truth
It is ______ that democracy, more than any
other form of government, calls for the active
participation of the people in public affairs.
Isn’t it strange that the basic ideas that some
economists regard as _________ are rejected
by others as absolutely false!
They will ____ the results of the election across
the internet and every television in the land.
The fighter planes of WWII sometimes had
pictures of famous movie stars like Betty
Grable _____ on the fuselage.
Today our intricate network of mass
communications can _____ news of national
importance over the country in a matter of
The well known Latin phrase, “______ emptor”
means, “Let the buyer beware”.
I tried to warn them of the dangers involved in
such an undertaking but all my _____ and
admonitions fell on deaf ears.
Unabridged dictionaries often alert the reader
to common mistakes in the use of a word by
including brief ________
He did more work, so a sixty-forty split of the
profits seemed an _________ arrangement.
The decision was a disappointment to me, but
after thinking it over, I had to agree that it was
Arriving at _____ arrangements in human
affairs often requires sound judgment as well
as good intentions.
The ring must have slid off my finger as I was
trying to _____ the fish from the net
She has made so many contradictory
promises to so many people that I don’t see
how she can _____ herself from the situation.
How easy is it for a nation to become trapped
in an inflationary price rise; how difficult to
_____ itself from the upward spiral!
If you _____ pennies from the cash drawer,
you are unlikely, after a while, to be satisfied
with pennies.
Who would have thought that the new
treasurer could sink so low as to ______ money
from the petty cash fund?
Some sadly misguided individuals seem to go
through life trying to _____ petty advantages
from everyone they encounter.
She chose to ignore my advice, not because
she wanted to _____ my beliefs, but because
she had strong convictions of her own.
Any unit of government– national or local–
that _____ sound economic principles is
headed for disaster. (yeah. I don’t understand
this sentence, either.)
Young people who consider themselves
nonconformists often go to extremes in their
determination to _____ the conventions.
It seems as if even the smoothest-running
organizations contain at least one _____
It became clear that the squad of policemen
would be unable to control the small but
_____ crowd of angry protesters.
We had many talented players, but the ____
behavior of a few individuals impaired our
team spirit and led to a losing season.
Many religions follow the _____ that it is
important to treat others as you, yourself,
would like to be treated.
Her approach to the problem seems to have
been guided by the time-honored ____ that
“Force is the remedy for nothing”.
I intend to be guided by the simple ____ that
have proven themselves valuable over long
periods of human experience.
The cute new puppy had a ____ effect on her
Failures are always unpleasant, but if you
learn from them, they may have a ______
effect on your future career.
Few things are more _____ for a young person
than an occasional painful reminder that life is
not a bowl of cherries.
Sometimes a carefully reasoned discussion
does more to change people’s minds than a
_____ attack.
My teacher’s criticism of my term paper was
so _____ that after reading it I felt thoroughly
I now know that Gulliver’s Travels, far from
being a children’s book, is a work of mature
and ________ satire.
Jonathan Swift used wit to ______ the British
government for its cruel treatment of Ireland.
It was Lincoln who said, “Fondly do we hope,
fervently we pray that this ______ of war may
speedily pass away.
Appointed by the Governor to be the
Commissioner of Investigations, she soon
became the ____ of dishonest and
incompetent officials.
My sister announced in a severe and _____
tone of voice that we were out of cookies.
Shivers went up and down our spines as, in a
_____ voice, the teacher spoke to us of
vampires, ghosts, and the ‘living dead.
The ghost of Hamlet’s father whispered in
_____ tones the story of his own tragic death.
He claimed that the musical, despite its
energy, was _____ and that he had slept
through the entire second act.
The _________ effect of his droning lectures
surpasses that of any sleeping pill now in use.
I didn’t expect the play to be particularly
stimulating, but I certainly never anticipated
its overwhelmingly _____ power.
Travelers may find people overseas ________ in
some ways but surprisingly free in others.
The standards of behavior generally
accepted in Victorian times would probably
be rejected today as excessively ________.
You may regard her ideas as _____, but I think
they reflect good thinking and sound values.
His bad mood was ____, and by the time he
had finished his breakfast, he was smiling.
His fame as a football star proved to be _____,
and he found himself just another young man
looking for a job.
The Judeo-Christian tradition teaches that
material things are ____ while spiritual values
are eternal.
We loaded the truck with chairs and the
coffee table, but the grand piano was too
The carton was not heavy, but it was so _____
that it took four of us to carry it to the shed.
The rules of the club proved so _____ that it
was all but impossible to carry on business.
While critics called the movie ____, I
thought the performers were very
Even the most talented actors could not
breath life and credibility into the silly
lines of that _____ play.
In spite of the tremendous sales of that
novel, I found it to be mediocre and
_____ in every respect.
Study Aids and Assignment
 Your task: Highlight the context clues in each
 Create a BEOWULF related sentence for ten of
the words. Print neatly on your packet.
 Go through your RPS and identify (with a key)
Prefixes, roots, and suffixes.
 Try to get into Jerome’s head. Ask yourself:
 Are there any words with similar meanings; which I might easily confuse?
How can I tell them apart?
 Are there any words with similar meanings but different parts of speech?
 Can they be separated by connotation or tone?
 Identify these.

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