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Southern ocean
 The Antarctic Treaty is a form that a whole lot of Countries have
signed. It was signed in 1959 and enforced in 1961. The Antarctic
Treaty is an agreement between Australia, Argentina, New Zealand,
USA, UK, France and Brazil saying that they will follow the laws and
won’t disobey them. There is a protocol that they have to follow. The
protocol was adopted in 1991 in response to proposals that the large
range of provisions relating to protection of the Antarctic
environment should be harmonised in a comprehensive and legally
binding form.
 Sir Douglas Mawson was born on the 5th of May 1882 and he died on
14th of October 1958. Mawson was and still is Australia’s most famous
Antarctic explorer. Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen actually
invited Mawson on their expedition but Douglas declined the
offer he wanted to take his own ship and crew to the Antarctic.
 Mawson’s team was selected primarily from Australian and New
Zealand Universities. The expedition vessel came from the
Newfoundland sealing fleet. The Aurora was built in Dundee.
Roald Amundsen was born near Oslo, Norway in 1872. He left his mark on the heroic era
as one of the most successful polar explorers ever born. His career of adventure began
at the age of fifteen, originally studying medicine, but dropping out to go to sea where
he soon moved his way up to the rank of mate. His first experience in the Antarctic was
with Adrien de Gerlache’s 1899 BELGICA EXPEDITION. Amundsen became the first to
travel the Northwest Passage, in his ship Gjoa in 1903-06. After this expedition, plans
were assembled to drift across the North Pole in Nansen’s famous FARM, but news
arrived of Peary’s successful attainment of the pole witch caused Roald Amundsen to
make new plans—covert plans—for an expedition to the Antarctic and the subsequent
capture of the South Pole. On December 14,1911, Amundsen and for others stood at
the South Pole, a month before Robert Scott.
 Hunting brought people and made the animal population low.
 Sealing: A law came in 1960 that people were not allowed to catch a certain
amount of seals then you weren’t allowed to catch seals at all. Seals like the
Antarctic Fur seal were on the brink of extinction but then the law was enforced.
Australia made a law that nobody in Australia could kill seals.
 Whaling: 50%of whales came from Antarctica so they put in a law that they were
not allowed to kill whales at all. It will take a very long time for the whale numbers
to replenish.
 Fishing: Fishing was allowed and still is but now days you can’t take as many
numbers as you could back then. Some people leave nets and gear and harm
habitats of fish.
This man here is
a meanie!
 Visitors go and litter and leave a lot of their
positions there. Mountain climbing disturbs
habits and chips ice. When we build fires it melts
the ice.
 Bactria, fungus and lots of other things could kill
the wildlife that lives there.
Penguins are eaten by most of the seal
Seals have a thick layer of blubber
under their fur which creates the
perfect insulation.
A few fresh water lakes have a forest of
moss growing more than one meter tall.
Antarctica has both saltwater and
fresh water ecosystems on it surface.
Some saltwater lakes on Antarctica
never freeze because they are too
Minke whales are the smallest of the
‘baleen whales’.
Orcas have no known predators.
Early maps show many non-existent
islands in the south pacific ocean.
Hypothermia is very dangerous because most of the time it leads to death.
There is quite a few stages of hypothermia these are the stages; Mild,
Moderate, Severe, Paradoxical undressing and Terminal burrowing. In
Paradoxical undressing the person goes completely numb and with out
realising it they start to discard pieces of their clothing which make their
body temperature drop lower then is normal. In the final stages of
hypothermia, the brain stem produces a burrowing-like behaviour. Similar
to hibernation behaviour in animals, individuals with severe hypothermia
are often found in small, enclosed spaces, such as under the bed or behind
wardrobes. Here are some clothes you’ll need to survive!
Why the sun rises and sets only once in
• I don’t really know why it only
rises and sets once a year in
Antarctica but I guess it could be
because it is so far below the
 Some future problems in Antarctica could be the ice
melting, all because of global warming. Another problem
could be when all of the tourists come they leave rubbish
and take “souvenirs” when they leave. Other problems
could be all of the wildlife dying away because of the
disturbances when tourists leave rubbish behind/take
things with them.
Problems already
in Antarctica!
The ships
can have oil
spills which
lead to
The ships also
need a lot of
oil and then
they leave
this behind…
Tourists in
All tourists camp
and disturb the ice
habitat and this
will happen…
Tourists leave
rubbish which
leads to this…
The End
See you soon!
I’ll miss you!

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