Contraception Training in the 21st Century

Contraception Training for the
21st Century
Jill Zelin
A nationally recognised set of sexual
and reproductive health qualifications
for both doctors and nurses
What is now available for nurses?
• Letters of Competence in IUT and SDI (with or
without NDFSRH)
▫ Associate membership of the Faculty
• The opportunity to become Faculty Registered
Trainers (FRT)
What else is new?
• The introduction of an on-line knowledge
assessment (eKA) for anyone who wishes to
qualify for a FSRH Diploma or Letter of
Diplomate Assessment of the Faculty of Sexual
and Reproductive Healthcare (NDFSRH)
• The FSRH Diploma is suitable for nurses
working in general practice, community and
integrated sexual health services
• The programme is open to nurses on the UK
NMC register (excluding RN Level 2).
The FSRH Diploma training package
The training involves three stages:
• An online knowledge assessment of Sexual &
Reproductive Healthcare (“eKA”)
• Course of 5 - five hours of small group
• Clinical experience and assessment
• Candidates must achieve a pass in the eKA in
SRH before proceeding
• The assessment takes 1hour 45 minutes and
must be completed in a single sitting
• A “pass” in this assessment allows candidates to
progress in the clinical stages for:
▫ Nurse Diploma of Faculty of Sexual &
Reproductive Healthcare
▫ Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques
▫ Letter of Competence in Sub-dermal Implants
Sample question
• A 22 year old woman who is mid way through her pack
of combined oral contraception (COC) is prescribed a
one week course of amoxicillin. Her COC contains 30 μg
Which is the single most appropriate advice to give her to ensure
a. abstain from sexual intercourse for the next seven days
b. double the dose of the combined COC for the next seven days
c. no extra precautions are required
d. take next pack of COC with no pill free interval
e. use barrier contraception until seven days after completion of
Self directed
study/ eSRH
What does it cost?
eSRH is FREE!!
eKA £75
FSRH portfolio £50
NDFSRH registration: £75
NDFSRH annual subscription £87
Associate membership annual subscription £58
£50 per LoC for current FSRH members
(Associates, Diplomates, Members, Fellows).
• £250 for non-members
The PGA Med Ed (SRH)
• A postgraduate qualification attracting 30 university CATS points
• The course comprises
▫ preparatory reading
▫ 2-day residential programme
▫ Completion of a 'portfolio' of work for assessment
▫ 2 observed teaching sessions
▫ 3000 word essay
• Additional requirements to become a 'Faculty Registered Trainer' to teach Faculty
▫ completion of the e-learning
▫ undertaking 4 teaching scenarios covering:
 teaching a practical skill
 facilitating a small group
 undertaking trainee assessments
• For further information, please refer to the University of Keele website

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