Empowered Case Management Update

Empowered Case Management:
Implementation Update
March HMIS Data Coordinator Meeting
Technical Platform Choice
• Empowered Case Management ™ by
Empowered Solutions Group (ECM, ESG)
– Competitive RFP
– CT HMIS Steering Committee with Nutmeg Consulting
management of process
• Functionality advantages
– Case Management
– HUD compliancy reports
– More accessible ad hoc reporting
• Statewide Implementation
CT HMIS Opportunities
• Old system was not sustainable
• New system more flexible, user friendly
• Better able to get “data out” to meet
performance expectations for HEARTH, ODCT,
VITALs, etc
• Allows for better integration with other data
• Web-based; supports community and case
management, not just H. Assistance
Implementation Framework:
Program List, CoC Implementation Order
Type Data
Setup &
Go Live
Data Conversion
What is it? How does it happen?
• Mapping and loading data from old system to
new system
• Need new data element valid values
• Need mapping decisions when not 1:1
Write programs to perform the mapping
Review converted data
Likely to require data cleanup
Conversion generally requires multiple attempts
Data Conversion
Multi-disciplinary Roles and Responsibilities
• Data element review & decisions
– CCEH, CT HMIS Steering & Performance Measurement
Committee, Nutmeg, ESG
• Conversion program development & testing
– Nutmeg, ESG, programs (for testing)
• Running conversion programs for each CoC
– Nutmeg, ESG
• Data check out
– Nutmeg, program, CCEH
• Data cleaning
– Nutmeg, program
Workflow Design: Key Topics
• Data Sharing
– Statewide Sharing
– CoC Sharing
– Policies and Procedures
– Integration with Coordinated Access
• Emergency Shelter Discharge
– Review of current methods
– Detailed assessment of ECM functionality
Project Status
• Core Planning Group established
– CCEH, Nutmeg, ESG
• Stakeholder Kickoff meeting under
construction (end of March)
• Comprehensive implementation plan under
CCEH Staff Roles & Responsibilities
• Field staff: Assist in communications and state
preparedness for conversion. Serve as points
of contact for questions.
• Data staff: Assist in conversion nuts & bolts,
testing, recommendations around data
element review
• Management of implementation and data
conversion. Convenes CT HMIS Steering
Expectations for Providers & CoCs
• Imperatives and issues
– Data sharing
– Data quality review activities
– Clean up, testing, communication
• Ensure thorough communication so programs,
case managers, HMIS users, Executive
Directors, committee members, etc all have
consistent and clear information
• How can HDCs be most valuable to conversion?
• What do HDCs need to know in order to feel
• What functionality do HDCs hope not to lose?
(ie ServicePoint pieces that help you to do your work)
• Any current processes for HDCs to collaborate on
their data work with others in programs? In CoCs?
• Do HDCs know how data are used by their programs
and CoCs other than for reporting to DSS?
Concerns & Questions
Questions? Ideas?
Contact [email protected]

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