*The Inter-professional Moral Imperative to Treat Pain"

Myra Christopher, B.S., L.H.D., Kathleen M.
Foley Chair for Pain and Palliative Care
I have no conflicts of interest to disclose.
In the past five years, I have not had a financial
relationship with any organization other than the
Center for Practical Bioethics. I have not received
honoraria, royalties or reimbursement from any other
organization. Furthermore, I have not been
remunerated for acting as a consultant to or serving
on the board of any company. I have not provided
expert testimony. I do not manage stocks or other
securities held by my family.
The endowment gift that established the
Kathleen M. Foley Chair was initiated by Purdue
As a 501(c)3 the Center for Practical Bioethics
accepts grants, contributions, travel
reimbursement and holds with many
organizations (both public and private) and
Please go to our website
(www.practicalbioethics.org) to see:
A list of all donors who have contributed
$5,000 or more in the past 12 months
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CPB’s Corporate Gift Policy
Pain Medicine 2011
Chronic Pain
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Summer J. McGee, PhD,* Brett D.
Kaylor, BA,
Helen Emmott, RN, MA, and Myra J.
Christopher, BA, LHD

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